Machismo 12 Hour Team Endurance Race – November 19-20, 2021


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  • Race Clinic Registration – SOLD OUT
  • Pro Class Tire Acquisition: Teams looking to acquire tires for the event may contact Hoosier distributor 2Wild Karting at for either or both sets of tires. It is up to each team to get tires for the event with one (1) set of each required to be new for the race. The harder “Prime” tire is the Hoosier R80, while the softer “Option” tire is the Hoosier R55.

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The History Of Machismo

machismo_12hr-267x73Le Mans, Daytona. Sebring.  To the average onlooker, these are simply motor racing events. To those most intimate with their nuances, they transcend time and evoke a passion bordering on obsession.  Whether standing atop the podium in 1923 or 2015, to earn victory here is a championship in and of itself. To win is vindication, a tangible acknowledgement of greatness, and an open invitation into the most exclusive of company.  To come close and fall short is heartbreak, agony, and utter despair. While the Machismo 12 Hour Race isn’t (yet) a part of motor racing’s “Triple Crown,” there is a definite aura surrounding the race that draws a similar passion from those looking to conquer it. In it’s brief but storied existence, the race has drawn team’s from several continents, speaking several languages, all seeking a single win… but only a select few have found what they came looking for. Read more…