Calderon Scores First Career Win in Sprint Rd 2

Round #2 for the CalSpeed Sprint Series saw fewer [2R] drivers in the field, but no less entries as the sold out entry list boasted most of the front running drivers from round #1. With that we saw the establishment of a few new names to the contender list, as well as a few others cementing there status as championship challengers event after just two rounds. Taking to the challenging Tecnico circuit, the drivers put on one of the best shows yet in the series, with nearly every race coming down to a last lap pass for the win…

Sprint-2-ArnottAshley Arnott continued her strong qualifying from round one, but this time bettered herself by two spots to take her first overall pole position, while series regulars Duane Lawson, Patrick O’Keefe and Caden Thure put up some of their best qualifying results ever. Two-race driver and podium runner from round 1 Ariel Rubio would round out the top 5.

1)Ashley Arnott58.474
2)Duane Lawson58.915
3)Patrick O'Keefe58.934
4)Caden Thure59.003
5)Ariel Rubio [2R]59.071

Arnott may have started on pole, but would have to earn the win in heat 1A, as she would find herself dispatched to third after just a couple laps. Riding there for most of the race, she’d move up to second on the penultimate lap, and snag the lead on the final one, leading just the final, but most important lap for the win. Rubio would settle for second, while O’Keefe would slip to 5th in the waning laps after running second most of the race, with Dennis Kimbrell and Steve Jasinksi taking advantage.

Heat 1A Results

1)Ashley Arnott
2)Ariel Rubio [2R]
3)Dennis Kimbrell [2R]
4)Steve Jasinski
5)Patrick O'Keefe

Duane Lawson would lead the field away from the green, and hold onto it for the first half of the race, until Caden Thure took over the top spot. Thure would hold off a challenge for several laps, but would eventually succumb to the experience of a [2R] driver, Michael Wojdat. Luis Calderon, Don Diego Veloria, and Alex Bermudez would roundout the top five.

Heat 1B Results

1)Michael Wojdat [2R]
2)Caden Thure
3)Luis Calderon
4)Don Diego Veloria
5)Alex Bermudez

Sprint-2---YauneyAs it was last month, the B-Main would be unlike the rest of the races on the day, and would not see a close fight for the win, but instead saw a lone driver cruise to a large margin. First time Sprint Series runner and Father of the well-known Alyssa Yauney, Doug Yauney put together a near-flawless run to score the B-Main win, and the transfer to the A-Main. Last minute round #2 entry Edison Noboa would claim ‘best of the rest’ in 2nd, with another first time runner in Daniel Giraldo finishing 3rd.

B-Main Results

1)Doug Yauney
2)Edison Noboa
3)Daniel Giraldo
4)Daniel Ulmer
5)Zachary Jo

The competitiveness of the Sprint Series was proven in the A-Main, as several drivers looked to have the pace to bring home the win, and four lead changes in the 10 lap race. Arnott would look to go perfect on the day, but would see the lead taken from her by Rubio on lap three, with big mover Luis Calderon following Rubio into second after starting 5th. Calderon would take his shot at the lead just two laps after Rubio had it, with the pair also pressured by Caden Thure who had gotten around Arnott for the final podium spot. From then on it was really just the top three in the hunt, with Rubio stealing back the top spot, and holding onto it through the white flag. On the final lap however Calderon made his move, and sticking the pass, scored his first career win in the Sprint Series. Rubio finished his 2016 campaign as a [2R] driver with his second podium in a row, while it was the first career appearance on the box for Caden Thure in third.


A-Main Results

1)Luis Calderon
2)Ariel Rubio [2R]
3)Caden Thure
4)Ashley Arnott
5)Don Diego Veloria
6)Alex Bermudez
7)Dennis Kimbrell [2R]
8)Steve Jasinski
9)Duane Lawson
10)Tony Wika

Current Point Standings Top 10 After Round #2 (1 drop)

1)Sean Fite [2R]300
2)Nick Marascio [2R]295
3)Ariel Rubio [2R]290
4)Luis Calderon290
5)Ashley Arnott285
6)Caden Thure285
7)Michael Wojdat [2R]285
8)Riley Dugan [2R]267
9)Alex Bermudez265
10)Don Diego Veloria265

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