Sprint Series

Going into its fourth season, the Sprint Series is the perfect event for drivers that want to experience the wheel to wheel action of the Super Series, but in a half-day format. All 90 drivers will get on track for one of two warm-up sessions which will set the order for the heat races. The heats and mains will each feature up to 30 karts on track at a time, giving drivers the perfect opportunity to get valuable racing seat time against the toughest mix of competitors ranging from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

2019 Monthly Magazine

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2019 Sprint Series Current Standings

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PosDriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10SDSMR TotalSMR After DropDrop 1Drop 2TotalPoints After Drops
1)Tyler Redman25319529529529529029025325383358019525321661718
2)Chase Nickells24925228528030025729522922978155222924921471669
3)Ayrton Demoss26226020823227528027529027584557020823220821642
4)Ronnie Swaim Jr27529014829018902592700529529018918031614
5)Seth Willits24229026025028522023225922071149122023220381586
6)Max DeMoss17124416425727025624628024678253616417118881553
7)Ivan Martinez16727524126524523122929522975552616722919481552
8)Pietro Moro20527030026319427021100481481019417131519
9)Tony Wika1562851850256270253226226749523015616311475
10)Sheng Wu15624525320526225821123721170649515620518271466