Sprint Series R6 Win Goes to Donnie Clarke

Sprint Series Round 6 set the stage for the second half of the 2019 season here at CalSpeed Karting, marking the beginning of the Summer Sub-championship on what would be a special temp circuit for drivers. Meeting the challenge would not be an easy one as no driver could possibly have the advantage of practicing the unique layout before the race—grabbing a successful day meant learning and adapting quickly above the entire field…


The course would be a fast one with lap times more than 10-15 seconds faster than the typical configuration out here at CalSpeed in sport karting. In qualifying, the driver that made things happen would be Adrian Jones getting his first career pole position with a blistering 0:42.941 followed by fellow Dark Horse teammate Evan Lawrence at a 0:43.047.

Quali Results

1)Adrian Jones0:42.941
2)Evan Lawrence0:43.047
3)Nathaniel Small0:43.081
4)Ayrton Demoss0:43.119
5)Tyler Redman0:43.142

Heat 1A

In the first heat of the day, Ayrton Demoss would not only lead the pack from the start, but would maintain a steady grip on it throughout the race. Behind him, Pietro Moro and pole sitter Jones dueled for P2 but in this turmoil, Sheng Wu managed to dispatch the pair, taking 2nd place behind Demoss at the checkered flag.

Heat 1A Results

1)Ayrton Demoss
2)Sheng Wu
3)Adrian Jones
4)Pietro Moro
5)James Lieser

Heat 1B

So too would be the way of heat 1B— race leader Lawrence gave no leeway to the likes of recently crowned Winter Subchamp Tyler Redman and Max Demoss. 3 laps in, the latter two kept in constant battle with Chase Nickells but were able to keep up their defenses by the end, ultimately the race ended with the same top 3 order that started it.

Heat 1B Results

1)Evan Lawrence
2)Tyler Redman
3)Max Demoss
4)Chase Nickells
5)Ivan Martinez

Heat 1C

Early on in heat 1C, Donnie Clarke would make a showing for dominance, immediately taking over the lead from Matthew McCoy. In the fray, Tony Wika made his own steady inroads to the front and took aim for McCoy. He would drop briefly, but was able to regain himself back to a P3 finish behind Wika and winner Clarke.

Heat 1C Results

1)Donnie Clarke
2)Tony Wika
3)Matthew McCoy
4)Nathaniel Small
5)Kiron Chakraborty


It was all quiet on the C-Main front: Jesse Iwuji, Sean Ohearn, and John Barry kept in line for the whole race with Iwuji extending to a comfortable lead. Ohearn and Barry stayed nose to tail as well and would wrap up the race 2nd and 3rd respectively behind an unpestered Iwuji who grabbed the transfer to the B-Main.

C-Main Results

1)Jesse Iwuji
2)Sean Ohearn
3)John Barry
4)Matt Perry
5)Jerry Ma


For the B-Main, Michael Martin started on pole ahead of Chris Millar and Juan Avina. The first half of this main continued on without drama, but by the 7th lap Millar and Avina would be subjected to the attacks of Justin Altman. Martin maintained focus ahead, leaving the battle behind him. Millar and Avina kept ahead of Altman to score 2nd and 3rd while Martin could be heard cheering loud and clear across the finish line for his B-Main win.

B-Main Results

1)Michael Martin
2)Chris Millar
3)Juan Avina
4)Justin Altman
5)Tom Zevin


A-Main drivers put on quite a show for Round 6. Pole sitter Lawrence was on fire all day and the main was no exception– he led for several laps from the getgo but Clarke would finally take the reigns for the lead. Meanwhile, Redman hung on to Lawrence’s bumper and laid out a slew of attacks at turn 4 on the inside with every lap. Eventually, he’d be in position behind Clarke. Redman was determined to break the curse of what had jokingly become a string of 2nd place finishes all year as he closed in on leader Clarke. The stars were instead aligned in Donnie’s favor– stealing himself, he kept the rest of the pack at bay, scoring his first win of the season with Redman in tow and Lawrence wrapping up the podium for Sprint Series Round 6.

A-Main Top 10 Results

1)Donnie Clarke
2)Tyler Redman
3)Evan Lawrence
4)Pietro Moro
5)Ayrton Demoss
6)Tony Wika
7)Chase Nickells
8)James Lieser
9)Max Demoss
10)Sheng Wu

Sprint 2019 Overall Current Standings (With Best Drop)

1)Tyler Redman1175(253)
2)Chase Nickells1122(252)
3)Pietro Moro1103(205)
4)Seth Willits1085(242)
5)Ronnie Swaim Jr1085(189)