Perfection for Pietro Moro at Sprint Series R3

Sprint Series Round 3 marked the first time around the course in clockwise fashion as drivers took to the redone Grande configuration for the first time since 2018. For many drivers, the Race Clinic would prove a boon to preparation and for one such driver, a rather sweeping result for the day…


This rounds qualifying would favor drivers able to figure out the nuances of the updated Grande course. Top performers included names with increasing familiarity like Seth Willits and Jacob Abrams– it was Pietro Moro however with the job well done, setting pole at a 1:11.875.

Quali Results

1)Pietro Moro1:11.785
2)Seth Willits1:11.889
3)Jacob Abrams1:11.966
4)Sheng Wu1:11.971
5)Randy McKee1:11.992

Heat 1A

Pole sitter Moro held the torch at the get-go but was quickly attacked by Sheng Wu, Donnie Clarke and Matt Steele in heat 1A. As Clarke staved off drivers behind him, things would get a little rough and tumble for the P2 battle. Postrace penalties abound at the front though, allowing Moro to receive the official win after an unfortunate DQ to P1 finisher Clarke for being underweight.

Heat 1A Results

1)Pietro Moro
2)Matt Steele
3)Sheng Wu
4)Owen Lerman
5)Michael Hazlewood

Heat 1B

Randy McKee started in P1 for heat 1B. Cutting through the field was new face Chase Nickells, slotting into 3rd at the green flag from a P5 start. Justin Altman set the tow hooks onto Nickells also charging forward from P6. With only 2 to go, Nickells had stolen the torch and by the checkered, it would be his first career heat win with McKee and Altman rounding out the top 3.

Heat 1B Results

1)Chase Nickells
2)Randy McKee
3)Justin Altman
4)Seth Willits
5)Chris Millar

Heat 1C

The top 3 of Redman, Evan Lawrence, and Abrams grouped together, keeping pace ahead of the rest of the field in heat 1C. There would be no battle for P1, as Redman maintained just a hair’s distance too far for a decent attempt at a pass. While it seemed like Abrams would cross second at the checkered, Lawrence pulled off a last-minute pass in the final lap for the P2 position behind Redman.

Heat 1C Results

1)Tyler Redman
2)Evan Lawrence
3)Jacob Abrams
4)Matthew McCoy
5)Michael Martin


The fight for the C-Main win was a fantastic duel for the entirety of the race. Devins Baker and new driver Hancheng Pan may have been miles ahead of the rest but the two maintained a dogfight lap after lap. Not to mention Donnie Clarke– after the mishap earlier in the day, this hardware earner shot out of near last and scored third, with Baker sitting on the top followed by Pan.

C-Main Results

1)Devins Baker
2)Hancheng Pan
3)Donnie Clarke
4)Scott Head
5)Mike Gonzales


The fight for the B-Main win started between Max Demoss, James Lieser and Forenz Arabian. All the while, Juan Ricart quietly cut his way towards the front group as they jockeyed for position. Things didn’t stay clean however— with penalties causing a stir amongst the drivers, Arabian became the de facto leader with 1 lap to go. Down to the checkered, he’d defend his position for the win followed by Lieser and Ricart in third.

B-Main Results

1)Forenz Arabian
2)James Lieser
3)Juan Ricart
4)Kiron Chakraborty
5)Heather Perrin


The A-Main green flag immediately saw Moro with a strong start ahead of Redman and Nickells. The former would keep a very steady hold on Moro for almost the entirety of the race. Abrams meanwhile charged up the ranks, dispatching driver after driver until finally within distance of a win, now in front of Redman. As Moro gripped the lead with the 2 others looming behind, Abrams pushed the envelope a smidge too far, earning a penalty relegating him to the 3rd step of the podium. The race wrapped up with Moro scoring his first ever win in the Sprint Series.

It’s still too early to say much about the overall but it’s also anyone’s game for the Winter Subchampionship. In addition to the overall, drivers have the opportunity to step up to two subchampionships in the season and the Winter Sub is one of them, consisting of the first 5 rounds. The top 5 drivers are in a mere 22 point range window, points which can be regained and lost easily in the next 2 rounds. It won’t be long until we see Round 4, taking place a scant 3 weeks from now.

A-Main Top 10 Results

1)Pietro Moro
2)Tyler Redman
3)Jacob Abrams
4)Chase Nickells
5)Randy McKee
6)Seth Willits
7)Ivan Martinez
8)Matthew McCoy
9)Matt Steele
10)Sheng Wu

Sprint 2019 Current Standings

1)Pietro Moro570(205)
2)Ronnie Swaim Jr565(148)
3)Randy McKee560(256)
4)Seth Willits550(242)
5)Tyler Redman548(195)