Oval Showdown 2020 Preview

From 2014 to 2016, CalSpeed hosted a special event that saw drivers harness the local roundy round fervor; the Oval Showdown. Typically held on the last Saturday in May, it took on a look of the other great oval races of the weekend: NASCAR’s longest race – the world 600, and of course the Indy 500.

With the expansion of the Sprint Series from 8 events to 10 in 2017, no dates were left on the calendar for the Oval Showdown, and it went on a hiatus from the schedule. With dates NOT being a problem as we re-opened from the shutdown, we thought we would seize the opportunity to bring back a CalSpeed Favorite.

In today’s preview, we will not only take a closer look at the track and what makes it a special challenge for the drivers, who is on the entry list, and who some of the drivers are to watch right out of the gate…

Welcome back to the Oval Showdown!