Miles Calvin Makes It Back-to-Back All-Star Wins!

The CalSpeed All Star Race returned for its second installment this past weekend, capping off day one of the ‘Classico Grand Prix Weekend’, with 18 of the best sport karters anywhere taking to the track for a 25 lap contest. With a few tweaks to the format from last year, there was more on-track action, but in the end, the same winner as 2019…

This time around the race would be split in to parts, with the first 15 laps requiring a pit stop and and a ‘joker lap’, and the field would reset for a final 10 lap shootout that would also require one joker lap.

Leading the randomly generated starting grid would be 2020 Super Series title contender Andres Prieto, with fellow front runner Sam Hunt, 2019 All Star podium finisher KC Cook, and two-time Super Series champ Logan Calvin in tow. The field of 18 would barrel through Kimbrell, and then Bypass before reaching Turn #4 for the first time, and the pit entrance; only CalSpeed’s GM Mike Smith would elect to head down pit road on lap, having started in last. As the field continued down the hill towards Scandi, the next possible detour would be the Joker Lap entry at hairpin, and it was only Taylor Hays from 8th and Miles Calvin from 12th electing to divert from the main track on the opening circuit.

Over the next 14 laps, both pit strategy and Joker laps would break up the on track battles for position, with most of the drivers peeling off to get the job done in the opening 2/3’s of the race. Miles Calvin turned out to be the big winner in the strategy game, emerging in the lead with about 5 to go. Mike Smith slotted into 2nd ahead of KC Cook and Logan Calvin, with the latter two having a drag race to the line to finish out the first segment.

Miles and Smith would lead the field to the green for the start of the final ten-lap shoot out, with Miles clearing Smith as the approached Kimbrell, and Smith fending off a three-wide maneuver to come out holding on to second. With no pit stops required in the second half, it wasn’t until the Joker lap entrance that anything would differ, and it was Smith again electing for a first lap deviation. Ayrton DeMoss would follow suit through the Joker as well on lap one, ducking away from 5th to slot into 11th just down the road from Smith as the reentered mid-pack.

While Miles Calvin held on to what seemed to be a comfortable lead, one by one Smith and DeMoss would get closer to the front, but with just a few laps to go, it was apparent that Calvin had it well in hand. Miles made his stop with 4 to go and came out in front of the chasing duo -now led by DeMoss- and the battle turned to bragging rights more than a shot at the win as the final laps clicked off. KC Cook would exit the joker on the penultimate lap just in front of the pair, but would slot in just behind at the end of the back straight, Logan Calvin sorted his joker on the last lap, and would hold on to second place at the line. But as it was in 2019, Miles Calvin was the driver to beat, and took home the Champions Fairing, signed by all the drivers in attendance for the 2020 affair.

It was for sure a blast for all the drivers and fun for those watching on the sidelines, with the tweaks to the format proving to be popular with everyone. Once again, it was a great way to cap off Saturday, and the 2021 All Star Race is already one to look forward too…

2020 All-Star Race Top 10-

  1. Miles Calvin
  2. Logan Calvin
  3. Ayrton DeMoss
  4. Mike Smith
  5. KC Cook
  6. Charles Eichlin
  7. Andres Prieto
  8. Diego Morales
  9. Andrew Wood
  10. Jose da Silva