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 holding on for the ‘W’, with Sheng Wu and Matt Steele slotting in in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
The A-Main for the ninth round in the 2020 campaign would see Paulo Franca lead the field down to the green with point leader Diego Morales along side, but when they came around to finish lap #1, it would be Classico GP winner Ayrton DeMoss out front. Having started third, DeMoss slipped by Franca to steal away the lead in the opening circuit, and immediately went to work. Bolstered by the infighting behind him, DeMoss cruised to what would be his second career win by just over 4 seconds in the end. Behind him, Morales had been able to slip past Franca in the opening lap as well, but soon had to contend with Sam Hunt, who made his move on lap four, bumping the point leader to 3rd. From there however, Morales switched to big picture mode, riding around dutifully to try and build, or at least maintain their advantage over fourth on back, as DeMoss was already two seconds up the road. The strategy would work out, and with five to go the gap was a more comfortable second-plus; enough to take the fight to Hunt for 2nd. The move would come with three to go, and while Sam tried to counter, the veteran karter won the battle, bringing home second place and with it, his second Masters championship of his career. Hunt would bring home his 5th career podium and enough points to now sit tied for 3rd in the championship, while elsewhere in the field, Pietro Moro did enough to lock in the 2020 Sportsman Championship as well.
1 Diego Morales
2 Max DeMoss
3 Jose da Silva
4 Matt Steele
5 Sheng Wu
Points Drop
2305 (291) 2017 (304) 1850 (225) 1688 (181) 1644 (186)
   Grand Masters
1 Tony Wika
2 John Rice
3 Jeff Latimer
4 Tom Zevin
5 Vladimir Orlov
Points Drop
Points Drop
1952 (304) 1688 (181) 1623 (111) 1576 (120) 1563 (177)
1563 (177) 1 1433 (0) 2 1103 (115) 3 1081 (145) 4 1043 (0) 5
Pietro Moro Matt Steele Michael Chen Jeremy Aldridge Tony Wika

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