Private Coaching

CalSpeed Private Coaching is revolutionary in several significant ways. First and foremost, the program is built on seat time, and plenty of it. While most private lessons fill the day with talks and theory, CalSpeed teaches by doing. Students spend their time behind the wheel, learning through application, not observation. Second is a one-on-one or small group setting where the curriculum is highly personalized to each driver’s specific needs and is continually molded as a driver progresses. The third, yet far from last, major advantage is the CalSpeed campus – a world-class 15-turn, 3/4 mile purpose-built race track used by many of the top karting organizations in North America. Private coaching can be booked in our Sport Karts; it features guided track tours, on-track instruction, and individual debriefs after all sessions.

If you are looking for a larger group setting of 30-60 drivers, you may want to check out our Race Clinics, held approximately once a month on Saturdays.