IronMan Series

The IronMan Series is a 1-hour race format designed to challenge a drivers driving skills, strategy decisions and stamina. Drivers go straight to the starting grid with an inverted starting order based on the previous round, followed by 60 straight minutes of wheel to wheel racing action. With two pitstops required, drivers will not only need to manage their pace and energy, but also add in a little bit of strategy on the fly! With just 30 spots available per race, make sure to secure your spot early and test your skills!

2020 Monthly Magazine

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2020 IronMan Series Final Standings

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WB = Winter Bonus. SB = Summer Bonus. WD = Winter Drop. SD = Summer Drop. WT = Winter Total. ST = Summer Total. RL = Races Led. RLM = Races Led Most Laps.

PosDriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8BonusDrop 1TotalTotal After DropsRLRLM
1)Sean Fite959069751007510066146668461841
2)Michael Hazlewood579548100801006980114864059231
3)Andres Prieto808580856690757512666485824
4)Chris Huerta10066544885956695194862858052
5)Ayrton DeMoss907210060906069726606195592
6)Paulo Franca631007505785956319055755752
7)Jose da Silva756345727272950304974971
8)Diego Morales6666577275667539039516477
9)Patrick Britain450856995574536304354351
10)Doug Yauney60607254638560604064062