Hunt With 2nd Win in a Row in Super Series R4

The first half of the season came to an end this past weekend for the CalSpeed Super Series, taking to the Sportivo layout for the second round in a row. It may have been the same track, but there would be plenty of shuffling of the positions to really heat up the championship fight, now with four events to play…

Last year Sam Hunt lead the Series in the qualifying category, and for round #4 he added another pole position to his name, which was the second time he has scored bonus points here in 2020. 2018 champ Alyssa Yauney would score the top spot for heat group B, while Seth Willits put up a career-best qualifying effort to claim third overall, and pole for heat 1C.

Just like last month, however, doing well in qualifying doesn’t always translate into dominance in the heats, and for the second round in a row we saw the heat race wins dispersed across different drivers. The aforementioned Hunt and Yauney would seal the deal on some hard-fought wins after starting on pole, but the other four would go to Bill Kreig, Andres Prieto, Evan Karp, and scoring his first career heat win, Jeremy Aldridge. Once again, heat wins are good, but consistency is what gets you on the front row of the A-Main, and it was Andres Prieto that paired his W with a second to snag pole, while Bill Krieg scored outside row 1 with a third and a win…

The first Main on the day however would be the C-Main, with Tom Zevin leading the field away at the green, but Dmitry Korotkov taking over in quick succession. The big mover however would be Chris Fox, coming up from 5th on the grid to enter the fight for the win. First, he would capitalize on a back and forth battle between Steve Jasinski and Bryan Armbrust in the opening laps, but also would dispatch Zevin in the early going too. Then it was Korotkov in his sights, moving into the lead by about quarter distance, and from there set sail. While the group behind battled for position, he grew his lead, coming away with hardware for the C-Main win.

After a silly penalty for getting in the wrong kart for his second heat, Matt Steele saw himself lining up in the B-Main, but at least it would be on the front row. From the drop of the green, he positioned himself into the lead, stealing the top spot from pole-sitter Jeff Latimer, but then quickly falling under pressure from Cameron Rose, and Michael Hazelwood. Rose would move into the lead, but he would come under fire from the latter straight away, and it became a three-horse race for the B-Main win. Rose and Hazlewood would trade the top spot multiple times over the 12 lap race, but it would be Rose coming away with the win, and the coveted transfer into the A-Main.

Pole position and a heat win were backed with a hard-earned 6th in the second heat for last month’s winner Sam Hunt, but things would go his way in the A-Main once again. Starting on pole was Andres Prieto, and while he would lead out of the gate, the battle would begin right away with Bill Kreig attacking on lap 2. Prieto would fight back and earn the top spot a lap later, but then come under fire once again -this time from Evan Karp- at the halfway point. These two would trade the lead multiple times, all the while losing more and more of the lead they had built up on Sam Hunt back in third. With just a couple laps to play, Hunt was ‘in the hunt’, and immediately took the fight to the top 2. On the final lap, the lead was his, and with the pair fighting amongst themselves, it was enough for Sam to score not only his second win of the season, but two in a row in the Super Series. Prieto would settle for second -albeit a very strong points day- with Evan Karp rounding out the podium for the first time in his career.

The CalSpeed Super Series returns for the Classico Grand Prix on Sunday, Aug 9th, with spots are selling fast, so sign up today!

Super Series A-Main Top 10-

1)Sam Hunt
2)Andres Prieto
3)Evan Karp
4)Alyssa Yauney
5)Sean Fite
6)Ayrton DeMoss
7)Max DeMoss [M]
8)Kiron Chakraborty [S]
9)Jeremy Aldridge [M][S]
10)Bill Kreig

Point Standings Top 10 (drop)

1)Diego Morales [M]1169(291)
2)Andres Prieto1148(328)
3)Samuel Hunt1134(283)
4)Sean Fite1112(355)
5)Paulo Franca1104(0)
6)Ayrton DeMoss1066(254)
7)Max DeMoss [M]1044(316)
8)Pietro Moro [S]1004(308)
9)Chris Huerta996(311)
10)Bill Kreig993(0)