Hunt Scores Second Career Win in Super Series R3

After the imposed “off season” over the last 4 months, the CalSpeed Super Series returned to action over the weekend, welcoming drivers back to the Sportivo layout for the first time in about a year. The atmosphere in the paddock was jubilant, as the racing family finally got a chance to get back together and do what they love: go racing. And while the return had a few
hiccups along the way, the over-arching theme was “it’s good to be back!”

Chris Huerta would remind everyone of his qualifying prowess with the fastest time in qualifying, adding to his tally that sees him 2nd all-time in pole positions. Paulo Franca would score is 3rd top 2 in qualy in a row with a second overall, while Diego Morales made it into the top three to score the top starting spot for heat 1c, and an additional bonus point.

While qualifying may have gone one way, the heat races would go another, with none of the fast qualifiers finding their way to victory in the heat races. Instead, it would be six for six in different winners, with Jose da Silva, Andres Prieto, Bill Kreig, Sean Fite, and Sam Hunt each scoring a heat win. For Hunt it would turn into pole position in the A-Main, coupling his win with a 4 th , while Max DeMoss had the honor of the only driver in the top 3 for both heats, and an outside front row starting spot in the main.

The C-Main would lead the afternoon of mains off, and it the front would be dominated by Grand Masters drivers right out of the gate, with Joe Sabella, Tom Zevin, Michael Collins and Brian Starr holding down the top 4 spots on lap 1. Returning to Super Series completion after a long hiatus, Paul Juarez showed that he had knocked off most of the rust by days end, and started working his way up from 5th, taking over the top spot just before halfway. The Grand Masters grip on the front would continue to loosen up as the laps wore down, as Juarez pulled away, and James Suggs moved through to steal away 2nd. Juarez would hold on for the W and the B-Main transfer, with Suggs 2nd and Sabella bringing it home for the “GM’s” in 3rd.

The B-Main would get underway with Heather Perrin and Dmitry Korotkov on the front row, with the latter leading the way at the end of lap one. That lead would be short-lived, however, as Ayrton DeMoss took over, with competition karter Henry Falls-Hand coming with him to slot into second. From there the top two would work together to pull away from the rest of the pack, their goal helped by the infighting that took place behind them. For Henry, it was his first Super Series experience, while DeMoss looked to bounce back from a penalty in the heats, and move on to the A-Main he was accustomed too. Falls-Hand kept the pressure up, but in the end, it would be DeMoss snagging the win, and the transfer.

After a tough second round back in February, Sam Hunt vowed to bounce back upon the Series return, and from the start of the day it was obvious he was on a mission to do just that. Starting on the pole position in the A-Main, Hunt lead assume the lead and immediately get to work pulling away from the pack. Behind him however, the racing was fierce, and it wasn’t long
before we saw three wide scenarios in affect. Coming out on the short end of the stick on that one would be off-pole starter Max DeMoss, his promising start getting cut down by contact that saw him spin, and fall to the back. Emerging from the infighting would be Paulo Franca, slowly pulling away from the battle for third, and setting his sights on the leader Hunt, about a
second and a half up the road. Pulling away from third was easy enough, as the eventual 4 driver battle for the final podium spot raged on, with Jose da Silva eventually narrowly beating Sean Fite to the line. For Franca, he slowly inched closer to Hunt, cutting the lead in half, but would run out of time in his pursuit, with Hunt scoring his second career win in the Super

The CalSpeed Super Series returns for round #4 on July 18th, and will return to the Sportivo layout once again! Spots are still available, so sign up today!

Super Series A-Main Top 10-

1)Sam Hunt
2)Paulo Franca
3)Jose da Silva
4)Sean Fite
5)Diego Morales
6)Cameron Rose
7)Andres Prieto
8)Pietro Moro
9)Evan Karp
10)Kyle Hayner

Current Top 10 (Drop)

1)Diego Morales807(362)
2)Paulo Franca753(351)
3)Sean Fite751(361)
4)Andres Prieto748(328)
5)Samuel Hunt748(283)
6)TJ Blackledge725(119)
7)Ayrton DeMoss721(254)
8)Max DeMoss692(316)
9)Pietro Moro680(324)
10)Chris Huerta679(311)