Hazlewood Achieves First Win in Sprint Series Round 7

Round 7 of the Sprint Series would be the second in a row of special courses. This time, the battle was set against Nuotivo, a variation of Nuovo minus Carousel but with the addition of the Monaco hairpin. Combined with the 3-digit temperatures for the weekend, the upcoming race was going to be a blistering one. The results for this race would make an interesting change in the Summer Subchampionship standings…


Over the course of qualifying, track temperatures began to soar. Group 3, of course, saw the best times, with all top drivers in the points getting into the 1:02 mark. The guy to make it to the top this time around was Max DeMoss with his first pole position at a 1:02.352.

Quali Results

1)Max DeMoss1:02.352
2)Pietro Moro1:02.446
3)Robert Hernandez1:02.506
4)Tom Zevin1:02.580
5)Michael Hazlewood1:02.636

Heat 1A

Pole sitter DeMoss took the reigns in heat 1A with current P2 in points, Chase Nickells slotting in behind him. By lap 3, Nickells had already picked off DeMoss to be in front. Meanwhile, Ronnie Swaim Jr made steady inroads towards the front pack of Nickells/DeMoss from a P6 start. Nickells never waivered from his position for the whole race and would make for a win followed by DeMoss second and Swaim Jr in third.

Heat 1A Results

1)Chase Nickells
2)Max DeMoss
3)Ronnie Swaim Jr
4)Justin Altman
5)Evan Karp

Heat 1B

At the beginning of heat 1B, it would be three Michaels sitting in the top 3, Mike Gonzales, Michael Hazlewood, and Michael Floerchinger. This would change quickly as Gonzales would be under fire from Hazlewood through the first couple of laps. Ayrton DeMoss also took to an attack, making way to steal 3rd from Floerchinger by the halfway mark. With this new 3-pack together, they would cross the checkered finish with Hazlewood scoring the top points followed by Gonzales and DeMoss.

Heat 1B Results

1)Michael Hazlewood
2)Mike Gonzales
3)Ayrton DeMoss
4)Kiron Chakraborty
5)Michael Floerchinger

Heat 1C

Heat 1C began with James Lieser at the helm followed by current points leader Tyler Redman. Lieser would not give him an easy time but by mid-race, Redman would make the move for the lead. Tony Wika would catch up to the pair, keeping a fair lead of nearly a second over the rest of the field. By the checkered, it would be Redman with the win ahead of Lieser and Wika.

Heat 1C Results

1)Tyler Redman
2)James Lieser
3)Tony Wika
4)Michael Martin
5)Nathaniel Small


The leaders in the C-Main quickly shuffled as Moises Lizama immediately broke past several drivers to start the race at the front. With his previous experience in arrive & drive here at CalSpeed, he would leave the rest in the dust early on. As drivers continued to do battle from P2 on backwards, the final results of this main would see a whopping 2 DQs in the top 5 from not carrying enough ballast, bumping up Kyle Odermatt to P2 and Mike Collins in P3 after Lizama’s solid win.

C-Main Results

1)Moises Lizama
2)Kyle Odermatt
3)Michael Collins
4)Vincent Reynaud
5)William Barker


The B-Main began with Evan Lawrence holding the torch ahead of drivers Robert Hernandez and Adrian Jones. As was the case in the previous main, so too did Lawrence bid the rest of the field goodbye, making way for an unchallenged lead. Matthew McCoy very quickly moved upwards into position to steal 2nd away while Andrew Chinnici also made inroads one by one all the way from a P7 start. Lawrence would walk away with a dominant win followed by McCoy and Chinnici for the finish.

B-Main Results

1)Evan Lawrence
2)Matthew McCoy
3)Andrew Chinnici
4)Robert Hernandez
5)Jason Andersen


As we proceed through the second half of the season, the who’s who in Sprint have made themselves known. This time around, the A-Main began with Michael Hazlewood taking to an excellent start at the green flag and it was Chase Nickells (second overall) and Tyler Redman (first overall) on the attack just behind him. Nickells and Redman exchanged positions early on and would keep to a tight pack but wouldn’t get away from the buzzing field behind. This would leave Hazlewood with an increasing lead with each passing lap. Having crept up from midpack, Ayrton DeMoss had made an impressive charge for the frontrunners. Nickells had passed Redman to retake P2– and DeMoss too would make his way through Redman for third. Meanwhile, Hazlewood would walk away easily but DeMoss’ actions towards the end left no room on exit for Redman, thus resulting in Hazlewood, Nickells, and Redman wrapping up the podium for Sprint Series Round 7 after penalties delivered.

A-Main Top 10 Results

1)Michael Hazlewood
2)Chase Nickells
3)Tyler Redman
4)Ayrton DeMoss
5)Evan Karp [2R]
6)Kiron Chakraborty
7)Mike Gonzales
8)Ronnie Swaim Jr
9)Michael Martin
10)Tony Wika

Sprint 2019 Overall Current Standings (With Best Drop)

1)Tyler Redman1465(253)
2)Chase Nickells1417(252)
3)Ayrton DeMoss1352(232)
4)Ronnie Swaim Jr1344(189)
5)Seth Willits1327(232)

Sprint 2019 Summer Standings

1)Michael Hazlewood300
2)Donnie Clarke300
3)Chase Nickells295
4)Tyler Redman290
5)Evan Lawrence290