Final CalSpeed Driver Values Released!



The CalSpeed Driver Values from the 2015 season have been finalized, with a list of drivers and their values posted at the bottom of this page. These values aim to find what a driver is capable of in a Super Series event, and are calculated by averaging each drivers best three finishes, with adjustments made for running fewer races, or having a large variance in the results. These are used not only to help build Sport Class teams in our Machismo 12 Hour Endurance race, but also will be used to make teams for the 2016 Super Series season, as well as judge eligibility for the 2016 Sprint Series.


For the Machismo, which will be taking the green flag next weekend December 11-12, Sport Class teams must build their squads inside a set of ‘skill parameters’ which use the Driver Values as a guideline. This entry level class for the 12 hour contest has a skill cap of 275, with the team of drivers averaging 225 or less. This applies to regular CalSpeed drivers, with those drivers new to the CalSpeed ranks also seen in this class via their ‘rookie’ status. In fact, there is still time to form your own Machismo team, just follow the link HERE to register today!


As was mentioned before, these values will also be used to form the 3-driver squads for the 2016 Super Series Team Championship, which begins with the season opener on Saturday, January 9th (Register HERE). Looking to put together a team for next year? Here is the section on how to do so from the Official Rulebook for the Super Series; the full rulebook can be downloaded HERE. Team Guidelines: Using results from previous seasons, each driver is assigned a driver value based on the average points total from their three best rounds (rookies and new drivers have no value, while some other values may be adjusted by CalSpeed if insufficient data is present). Teams must consist of three (3) drivers with their total value not exceeding 850. If a team includes a rookie (or other non-valued driver), then that team value may not exceed 625, while a team with two (2) or more rookie and/or non-valued drivers have no restrictions.


Lastly, the values are used to determine who is eligible to run in the 2016 Sprint Series, the ‘step ladder’ championship to the Super Series. Aimed at developing new drivers, and allowing them to learn how to race without having to compete with the seasoned veterans, the Sprint Series is the perfect venue for any driver looking to get started here at CalSpeed. All rookies and new drivers are welcome, and even drivers that have prior experience at CalSpeed can run, provided they are under the experience cap in place. This cap is a Driver Value of 275 to run the whole season, with drivers 276-325, as well as the previous season’s overall podium being eligible to run only two races during the season. The Sprint Series season opener will be Saturday, January 23rd, and is available for registration now, by following the link right HERE.


Below you will find values for drivers that ran most of the season in 2015, or are expected to run the full campaign in 2016. If you do not see your name and have run at CalSpeed prior, or have any questions at all, contact us via email at, and we will have a valued calculated for you. See you at the track!


Driver Name Value
Aaron Downs 382
Aaron Scott 322
Adam Nagao 382
Alex Herndon 339
Alton Arnold 189
Alyssa Yauney 343
Andres Prieto 317
Andrew Brown 212
Ariel Rubio 296
Ashley Arnott 240
Ben Blank 343
Ben Marquart 288
Ben Morse 285
Bill Kreig 361
Brad Drew 163
Brent Curran 268
Brian Starr 210
Bruce Allen 365
Caden Thure 249
Cameron Rose 290
Casey Gordon 111
Caylee Britain 171
Charles Eichlin 388
Chris Carter 242
Chris Huerta 368
Chris Lorentzen 230
Chris Millar 146
Cody Calvin 180
Craig Francis 130
Darren Mercer 388
Dave Messimer 312
David Arnold 193
David Gordon 97
David Kelmenson 354
David Lee 148
Dennis Kimbrell 291
Diego Morales 385
Dominic Guzman 102
Don Diego Veloria 203
Doug Lewen 141
Drew Zeller 300
Duane Lawson 203
Dustin Bramell 109
Ed Lewis 212
Emon Fazlollahi 301
Frank Hsu 203
George Mabbutt 122
Greg Reinhardt 133
Hasller Ortega 312
Henry Morse 291
Ian Enz 330
Jake Hood 305
Jason Burstein 320
Jason Collins 294
Jeff Asberry 93
Jeff Carson 309
Jeff Latimer 195
Jeff Martin 148
Jeremy Aldridge 258
Jerott King 385
Jetson Lieser 174
Joe Sabella 193
John Adams 92
John Gordon 133
John Perry 207
Jon Kimbrell 400
Jose da Silva 348
Justin Tolman 347
Keith LaFaver 233
Kelly Bastian 167
Kevin Erikson 139
Kirk Feldkamp 336
Kyle Spicer 289
Logan Calvin 408
Luis Calderon 251
Marc Salvador 130
Marcin Balazy 336
Mark Brittland 92
Mark Connell 314
Matthew Hart 346
Michael Chen 184
Michael Floerchinger 148
Michael Wojdat 283
Mike Arnold 140
Mike Collins 146
Miles Calvin 388
Mitch Collins 165
Nathan Hood 314
Nick Marascio 284
Patrick OKeefe 235
Paul Juarez 151
Peter Liwanag 146
Rene Hourian 328
Riley Dugan 298
Robert Drew 121
Rodney Bryant 275
Roger Adams 153
Ron Ng 127
Ryan Curtin 313
Scott Kennedy 357
Sean Fite 338
Sergio Bravo 393
Sergio Serrano 356
Sheng Wu 186
Steve Frame 181
Steve Jasinski 246
Steve Spring 299
Taylor Hays 387
Tom Kwasniak 218
Tom Zevin 162
Tyler Bryant 301
Victor Pineiros 171
Vince Burke 286
Vladimir Orlov 194
Wes Dent 397
Yuki Tanaka 186
Zack Zacharias 108