DeMoss Scores First Win; Redman Clinches Championship in Sprint Series Round 9

For the penultimate round of the 2019 Sprint Series, drivers would take to the Classico CCW layout with quite a bit on the line. A championship clinch was possible, as well as some shuffling for the rest of the top 3. Fresh off the action of last month’s Classico GP Weekend, the results of this race would prove interesting for the title fight…


Throughout the season, we’ve seen driver after driver rise up the ranks in qualifying. The weekend’s event saw one driver charging up the ranks both in speed and in the points– it would be Ayrton DeMoss, and for this round, he’d grab pole position on the Classico CCW configuration. Pole position would set the stage for what was about to become an excellent performance…

1)Ayrton DeMoss59.142
2)Tyler Redman59.164
3)Max DeMoss59.233
4)Sheng Wu59.337
5)Ivan Martinez59.350

Heat 1A

Heat 1A drivers took to a bit of a cold track but things would heat up pretty quickly. Ayrton DeMoss was the torchbearer from the getgo, keeping up an excellent defense for the entirety of the race. Meanwhile, Sheng Wu in P2 was not leaving any breathing room for the leader along with Yauney who dispatched multiple drivers to get up to P3. Things would only change ultimately at the final lap where Wu would finally lay out his attack to bring home the win over DeMoss and Yauney.

1)Sheng Wu
2)Ayrton DeMoss
3)Doug Yauney
4)Pietro Moro
5)Tom Zevin

Heat 1B

There was a lot on the line for leader Tyler Redman in the second heat, as a potential clinch for the championship weighed heavy on his mind. Behind him, the battle would wage on between Michael Hazlewood, Ivan Martinez, and James Lieser. Redman kept up his good drive, keeping away from the infighting, and would go on for the win with ease ahead of Hazlewood and Lieser.

1)Tyler Redman
2)Michael Hazlewood
3)James Lieser
4)Michael Floerchinger
5)Michael Martin

Heat 1C

Max DeMoss started heat 1C in the lead with Seth Willits keen on his heels at the green. By the 4th lap, Willits ousted DeMoss from the top, but the lead wouldn’t last quite long enough. The latter would strike back holding on tightly, and would go on to grab the W ahead of Willits for the final heat of the day.

1)Max DeMoss
2)Seth Willits
3)Mike Carlson
4)Chase Nickells
5)Michael Chen


A lot of new faces abound in the C-Main so the action was nonstop throughout the race. Michael Parker appeared to have kept the lead for the majority of the first half but drivers such as Tyler Kravetz and Vince Azua were quick to take the fight to first place. As the dust settled, Kravetz went on to score the C-Main win in front of Azua and Parker.

1)Tyler Kravetz
2)Vince Azua
3)Michael Parker
4)Chein Wang
5)Joey Andrews


Greg Pelaez started the B-Main along with drivers David Hazlewood and John Hennessey for the top 3. The bunch would eventually gap the rest of the pack, the latter two exchanging positions constantly. Pelaez served as the benefactor of this and would be able to keep a hold of his top spot all the way to the checkered flag, winning over Hennessey in P2 and Hazlewood in P3.

1)Greg Pelaez
2)John Hennessey
3)David Hazlewood
4)Rodney Bryant Jr
5)Matthew Justmann


The A-Main’s key contenders saw several drivers with a shot at the win: current championship leader Tyler Redman, Max DeMoss in P2 who quickly ousted Redman for the lead at the first corner, his son Ayrton, Sheng Wu, Seth Willits, Doug Yauney and Michael Hazlewood all the way in a P7 start. Drivers were treating every lap like the last lap so there was no shortage of suspense for who would come out on top. Max maintained the lead early on but Redman stole the reigns midway through the race– would he finally break that P2 curse he’d endured for the season? The battle amongst all drivers saw Hazlewood catch up to the top pair, all while Ayrton snuck by to take the lead himself, away from Redman. With the checkered flag in the air, Ayrton would snag his first Sprint Series win over Redman and Hazlewood; but another big result from this would be Redman clinching the title one round early for the 2019 Sprint Series Championship!

All said and done, the final round still leaves a question mark as to who will score the Summer Subchampionship and the Overall 2nd and 3rd pieces of hardware. The day was not the best for Chase Nickells, who by the wiles of Ayrton DeMoss is now relegated to 3rd overall by a slim 14 points– the both of them can easily still swap positions. The Summer Subchampionship too is up in the air– Redman and Ayrton are separated by only 10 points, an easy gap to jump. Hazlewood also remains in that conversation. Stay tuned for the finale on October 5!

1)Ayrton DeMoss
2)Tyler Redman
3)Michael Hazlewood
4)Max DeMoss
5)Doug Yauney
6)Sheng Wu
7)James Lieser
8)Chase Nickells
9)Michael Chen
10)Seth Willits

Overall Standings w/ Best Drop

1)Tyler Redman2013(253)
2)Ayrton DeMoss1937(232)
3)Chase Nickells1923(249)
4)Seth Willits1844(232)
5)Max DeMoss1838(171)

Summer Subchampionship Standings w/ Drop

1)Tyler Redman875(253)
2)Ayrton DeMoss865(275)
3)Michael Hazlewood860(203)
4)Max DeMoss821(246)
5)Chase Nickells806(229)