Classico GP Weekend


  • 8/15/19: Andrew Wood Wins The Classico Grand Prix!
  • 8/15/19: Miles Calvin Claims Inaugural CalSpeed All-Star Race!
  • 8/15/19: Da Silva Picks Up Win #3 in IronMan Series R8
  • 8/15/19: Martinez Scores Maiden Win at Sprint Series R8 for Classico GP Weekend!
  • 8/9/19: Classico GP Preview… This is obviously a special preview, not just because it is the Classico Grand Prix, but because it is the 100th Super Series event in our history. This Sunday will see the return of 4 run groups as well, as the field has been expanded to include 100 … Read More…
  • 8/9/19: IronMan R8 Preview… This weekend’s event will be the lone Sunday race on the calendar, but the 30 IronMan drivers will once again be the first ones to take to the course in the morning. This weekend’s challenge is… Read More…
  • 8/9/19: Sprint Series R8 Preview… This weekend the Sprint Series program heads to the Classico layout for Round #8, with this event kicking off the first bit of racing during the Classico Grand Prix Weekend … Read More…
  • 8/8/19: All-Star Event Preview… Competitive Sport Karting started at CalSpeed with team endurance races between 2005 and 2009, but in 2010 it would… Read More…
  • 8/7/19: Event Preview posted… Read More..
  • 8/5/19: Sprint Series SOLD OUT
  • 7/29/19: Super Series SOLD OUT
  • 7/19/19: TinMan SOLD OUT
  • 7/17/19: IronMan R8 SOLD OUT
  • 5/23/2019 ANNOUNCEMENT: Classico Grand Prix Weekend Details Released: For Sport Karters at CalSpeed, the ‘Classico GP’ is their Monaco; their Daytona; their Indy. This is the big one… Read More..

General Event Schedule

*subject to change

Friday Schedule: Unofficial Practice Day 
Gates Open9:00AM
Sessions Start10:00AM
Last Call3:00PM
Final Session4:00PM
Track Cold5:00PM
Paddock Curfew10:00PM
Saturday Schedule: Race Day 1 (Clinic, Sprint Series, TinMan, All Star Race) 
Gates & Registration Open7:00AM
Clinic Track Walk7:30AM
Clinic On Track8:15AM
Clinic Ends10:30AM
Sprint Drivers' Meeting11:00AM
Sprint Podium3:00PM
TinMan Enduro3:30PM
All Star Race Pre-Race4:15PM
All Star Race4:30PM
Post-Race Festivities5:00PM
Paddock Curfew10:00PM
Sunday Schedule: Race Day 2 (IronMan Series, Super Series) 
Gates & Registration Open7:00AM
IronMan Drivers Meeting7:30AM
IronMan Start8:00AM
Super Series Rookie Orientation8:45AM
IronMan Podium9:15AM
Classico GP Drivers Meeting9:30AM
Classico GP Begins10:00AM
Classico GP Podium4:30PM
CalSpeed Live! - Classico GP Weekend Edition5:00PM
Gates Close9:00PM

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