Classico GP Weekend: Sunday Previews

Seven down and three to go, the Classico GP weekend will see day 2 kick off with the eighth round of the IronMan Series, taking to a track where strategy perhaps is priority #1. We’ll talk more about why the Classico layout brings that out in our track spotlight, but first a shout out to last months first time winner, Chase Nickells…

This is the crown jewel of the season; our Daytona, our Indy, our Monaco. The original track back when there was only 1 track design, it has gone through some changes over the years, but still remains as one of the most challenging tracks to drive on, and toughest layouts to race on. At just under .6 tenths of a mile, and a sub-minute lap time, the tight confines of the iconic Esses section embody what this place is all about: The Driver.

Winning here etches your name in the history books with some of the greats; Names like Calvin, Kimbrell, and Hays. It brings out the deepest pool of talent every year, with many of these former winners and past champs coming out to try and snag the most prestigious trophy and win of the season….