Classico GP Weekend 2020 Just Around the Corner

It is almost August, and that means we are right around the corner from the biggest sport karting race weekend of the season, the Classico Grand Prix weekend! Taking place on August 8-9, the Classico GP weekend will once again feature everything on offer from CalSpeed; the Race Clinic, Sprint Series, TinMan, IronMan, and of course the Super Series. 2020 will also see the All Star Race’s second installment, with a few tweaks to the roster selection as well as the race format itself, capping off day one. But before we get into the event specifics, we have a very cool announcement; there is a special prize for the winner of the Classico Grand Prix this year: A Test Day in a KA100 package with the Formula Works team. That’s right, whoever crosses the line for the GP victory will not only get to claim the custom trophy, poster, and call themselves a Classico GP winner, they will also get a chance to go turn some laps in one of the fastest-growing classes in the country!

Here is a rundown on the Weekends Schedule:

Friday Schedule: Unofficial Practice Day 
Gates Open9:00AM
Sessions Start11:00AM
Last Call3:00PM
Final Session4:00PM
Track Cold5:00PM
Gates Close6:00PM
Saturday Schedule: Race Day 1 (Clinic, Sprint Series, TinMan, All Star Race) 
Gates & Registration Open7:00AM
Clinic Track Walk7:30AM
Clinic On Track8:15AM
Clinic Ends10:30AM
Sprint Drivers' Meeting11:00AM
Sprint Podium3:00PM
TinMan Enduro3:30PM
All Star Race Pre-Race4:15PM
All Star Race4:30PM
Post-Race Festivities5:00PM
Paddock Curfew10:00PM
Sunday Schedule: Race Day 2 (IronMan Series, Super Series) 
Gates & Registration Open7:00AM
IronMan Drivers Meeting7:30AM
IronMan Start8:00AM
Super Series Rookie Orientation8:45AM
IronMan Podium9:15AM
Classico GP Drivers Meeting9:30AM
Classico GP Begins10:00AM
Classico GP Podium4:30PM
Gates Close9:00PM

Now for the All-Star Race specifics; first up, what’s new for the format. It will still be 25 laps long with the grid set by the kart “rank”, but this time it will be randomly done in advance, instead of having the drivers choose karts, to help limit the downtime between the TinMan and the All-Star Race. Next, while the race will still be 25 laps in length, it will now have a competition caution thrown after 15, bunch the field back up for a 10 lap shootout. Lastly, we’ll again have a pit stop needed to be done, but that must happen in the first half of the race, while a pair of Joker laps must be completed; one in the first half, and one during the second. These changes should make for even more on-track action and fun for the spectators, while not losing any of the strategy elements the drivers love. 

Next, the new “Fan Vote” for the final spot on the roster: 

With the first half of the season now in the books after the conclusion of round #4, our provisional roster has been set for the 2020 CalSpeed All-Star race. To be considered an “All-Star” in 2020 here at CalSpeed means you have proven to be one of the best in the Super Series over the years, either scoring a championship, putting up impressive stats over the years or winning the biggest race of the year, the Classico Grand Prix. Joining those ranks is last year’s GP winner, Andrew Wood. But new for this year is taking the front runners from the current season, including the point leader from both the Sprint Series and IronMan Series, as well as the top 3 from the Super Series. But there is still one more spot up for grabs: The Fan Vote. Starting Thursday, July 23rd, nominations will be taken for who will get on the ballot for the “Fan Vote Spot” on the grid for the 2020 CalSpeed All-Star Race. While the names put forth can be anyone that regularly attends the Super Series, each driver’s experience and stats will be considered before making the final list of 5 that will be selected for the final voting. Voting will start on Thursday, July 30th, with the final roster announced a week later, August 6th.

Here is the Provisional Roster for the 2020 All Star Race:

  • Jon Kimbrell
  • Logan Calvin
  • Sergio Bravo
  • Miles Calvin
  • Pat Britain
  • Alyssa Yauney
  • Sean Fite
  • KC Cook
  • Taylor Hays
  • Charles Eichlin
  • Andrew Wood
  • Darren Mercer
  • Diego Morales
  • Adam Nagao
  • Jose da Silva
  • Andres Prieto
  • Sam Hunt
  • Ayrton DeMoss
  • Diego Alvarado
  • Derek Esquibel
  • Mike Smith
  • __________  (Fan Vote)

Spots for the 2020 Classico Grand Prix weekend are filling up fast, with both the TinMan and IronMan events already full, and the Race Clinic, Sprint Series and Super Series events past the halfway mark. Remember, Overnight Camping from Saturday to Sunday is allowed, along with the pizza party and beverages as well, with the 2020 event hosting a ton of fun for all that hung out after the racing on Saturday. Be sure to get on the entry list today, this is not an event to miss!