Chris Huerta Scores Maiden Super Series Hardware with R6 Victory!

Round #6 of the 2019 CalSpeed Super Series would take to a special one-off track layout, dubbed the ‘Temp Track’. An extremely short layout, the lap times were quick, and sometimes meant that lapped traffic would offer up additional challenges. When the final flag fell on the day, however, it would be a long time veteran of the sport on the top step, snagging not only his first podium but a long-awaited first ever Super Series victory…

A day that would be filled with firsts would also see a first-time pole sitter in qualifying, as Ariel Rubio came away with the quickest lap in the green/white/checkered session. Claiming some bonus points and starting first for their respective heat races as well, were reigning Super Series champ Alyssa Yauney, and reigning Sprint Series champ Sam Hunt. Like last month however, starting first didn’t mean finishing there, and different faces took home the wins in the heat races, including heat race sweeps by both Diego Morales and Sean Fite. Bringing home the other two heat race wins would be Paulo Franca and Jose da Silva.

As is the case sometimes in the C-Main, a driver that is typically in one of the higher mains makes an appearance, and in this case that driver was Max Demoss Sr. Lining up 8th on the Grid, Demoss found himself in the first main of the day after a DQ in his first heat race for forgetting to buckle his helmet. A silly mistake to be sure, but Demoss wasted little time showing why he typically runs in the higher mains, getting to the front early and pulling out to a 17+ second lead. It would actually not only be his first piece of CalSpeed hardware but also his first karting related hardware as well…

Unlike the main before it, the B-Main would see a proper battle at the front for the win, with Evan Lawrence leading the field away at the green ahead of Doug Yauney and Ayrton Demoss. As the race neared the halfway point it would become a four-horse race, as Sprint Series standout Chase Nickells joined the fray. It was about this same time that Demoss would find his way to the point, with Nickells making moves of his own to snag third from Yauney. Lawrence would take more for Nickells to dispatch however, and as the infighting ensued, so too did Demoss’ lead grow. In the end, it would be another Demoss snagging the hardware, duplicating his father’s feat from the race before.

From the drop of the green, the A-Main was a battle royale, albeit with one of the cleanest opening laps, proving why the A-Main was the ‘big show’. With the infighting that erupted at the start, pole sitter Diego Morales would get out front and hold onto the lead for the opening six circuits. Behind saw passes and re-passes every lap in nearly every corner, with Adam Nagao and Chris Huerta making steady inroads to the front from 6th and 9th respectively on the grid. For Nagao, it was an especially good opening set of laps that saw him move into second fairly quickly, while Huerta would also make steady work to see the duo sit 2-3 by the end of lap four. The pair would go to work immediately to catch the solo driver of Morales out front, with the former leader eventually relegated to 3rd by lap 8. Nagao continued the role of leader while Huerta did the pushing, clicking off consistent laps to slowly pull away from Morales, who was slowly getting reeled in by the rest of the pack. With a comfortable lead built up, Huerta would make his move with about seven laps to go, with Nagao slotting in, and looking for a chance to counter. That chance would come on the final lap, Nagao trying to find a way around the defensive Huerta, coming just .075 seconds short at the line. It was a special moment for Huerta, who after 50 A-Main events and never being on the podium, would not only score hardware but go straight to the top of the box. For his part, Morales would slip back to 4th, but then attack back in the final lap to claim an impressive 3rd podium in a row.

Super Series A-Main Top 10-

1)Chris Huerta
2)Adam Nagao
3)Diego Morales [M]
4)Spencer Russell [S]
5)Alyssa Yauney
6)Sean Fite
7)Sam Hunt
8)Michael Hazlewood [S]
9)Patrick Britain
10)Cameron Rose

Point Standings after 2 Drops (Best Drop)

1)Sean Fite1539(360)
2)Diego Morales [M]1525(0)
3)Patrick Britain1469(0)
4)Paulo Franca1461(316)
5)Adam Nagao1457(304)
6)Jose da Silva [M]1455(338)
7)Chris Huerta1430(330)
8)Bill Kreig1427(339)
9)Sam Hunt1414(307)
10)Alyssa Yauney1407(310)