Career win #4 for Ayrton Demoss at Super Series #5!

The warmest day of the year so far greeted the CalSpeed Super Series this past Saturday, the hallway point in the 2022 season taking to the Tecnico course for the first of two times this year. So far this season it has been the veterans standing atop the podium every time, and Round #5 would be no different…

The first driver to make some noise would be Masters hardware contender Doug Yauney, claiming his third career pole, and second in a row on the Tecnico circuit. Joining him in the top three to score the best starting spot for their respective first heat and with it some bonus points were the ever-quick Samuel Hunt, and up and coming talent Emerson Thieman.

Interestingly enough, it was the new kid on the block Emerson that would be the only one of the three to hold on and bring home the win in their heat, backing it up with a solid P7 in the second heat. Other heat race winners included former champ Sean Fite, veteran Ayrton Demoss, and scoring his second career heat win, another sportsman standout Frank Chen. But the driver that everyone would be chasing at the start of the A-Main would be double heat winner, Donnie Clarke…

The first Main of the day would see rookie Jeff Pesner be the lead-off driver for the C-main, but he would unfortunately have a typical A-Mainers looking to rebound from being light at scales in their first heat, Sheng Wu. As is often the case, the veteran Wu would make quick work of Pesner from the 2nd starting spot, and would sail off to a 5+ second lead and win in the C-Main. To his credit, Pesner showed that he was the best of the rest, clocking the next best lap time next to the eventual winner, and enjoying a near 6-second gap to third as well.

The B-Main had a similar story to it as well, with newcomer Erin Pae putting on a stellar Debut for pole position, but had more experienced drivers all around them, including Frank Hsu, Chris Fox and former Classico GP winner, Charles Eichlin. By turn one it was indeed Eichlin to the front, and by the end of the lap experience had trumped exuberance, and Pae was back to 4th; Hsu took the fight to Eichlin however, and on lap two we had a new leader. Charles fired back a couple laps later to take back the lead, and seemed to settle into his ride by the halfway point, as he and recent Sprint Series winner on Tecnico Chris Fox pulled away. Fox would play the dutiful roll of pusher, waiting to make his move until lap ten, with Eichlin sizing him up for a last lap attempt. Unfortunately, a small bobble grew the gap, and Fox was able to hold on to a B-Main win, and final A-Main transfer…

The two-by-two start for the 5th A-Main of the year would see Donnie Clarke and Max Demoss lead the field into the esses for the first time, but it would not be all clean and green this time around. Alyssa Yauney would end up in the tires and falling to the back, which also did a good amount to break things up from row four on back. Out front Max Demoss was able to nip Clarke to lead lap one, with Samuel Hunt also dispatching Clarke to start. Hunt would push Demoss through the first third of the race, but by Lap 6 had made his move to the lead, the front pair still feeling some pressure from then-third place Bill Kreig. The driver on the move however was Ironman winner from earlier in the day, Ayrton Demoss; starting in 10th but able to capitalize on the incident at the start, picking up a couple of spots straight away, and was up to 5th a lap later. When Sam made his move for the lead on lap 6, it was Demoss up to 4th, and from the slowly tracked down the lead trio, working into third by the 2/3 mark, and then picking off his dad with two to go. He would waste no time in his attempt on Hunt, securing the top spot and holding for career win #4, with Hunt in 2nd and Max Demoss in third.

The CalSpeed Super Series returns for round #6 June 11th, which will take to the Sportivo layout for the second and final time!
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Super Series A-Main Top 10

  1. Ayrton Demoss
  2. Samuel Hunt
  3. Max Demoss [GM]
  4. Bill Kreig
  5. Donnie Clarke
  6. Jose da Silva [M]
  7. Evan Lawrence [M]
  8. Kiron Chakraborty
  9. Doug Yaueny [M]
  10. Sean Fite

Overall Point Standings Top 10

  1. Ayrton Demoss           1168   
  2. Sam Hunt                    1131
  3. Donnie Clarke             1120   
  4. Diego Morales [M]      1112   
  5. Paulo Franca               1102   
  6. Alyssa Yauney             1098   
  7. Bill Kreig                      1093   
  8. Sean Fite                     1088   
  9. Jose da Silva [M]         1049   
  10. Max Demoss [GM]      1031