CalSpeed Super Series 2022 Round 10 Preview

Here we go everyone; aside from the 15th annual Machismo 12 Hour in December, this weekend will host the final competitive laps ever at CalSpeed Karting. 

If you are like us -and I think most of you are- that’s a tough pill to swallow. We have been doing the Super Series since 2010; 13 years. That’s a lot of talent to come through these gates, and for the season finale, we have no shortage of talent on hand as a proper send off. This weekend we have past champions, including all but four of the past winners, and each from the past 5 seasons in attendance. Plus nearly all of the past sub-category winners, soooo many past race winners and podium finishers it is too many to count.

Everyone goes into the Classico GP wanting to win; if there was a Super Series you wanted to win more than the GP? It would be this one. 4 run groups, 100 drivers; and the Final winner…