CalSpeed Super Series 2020 Round 4 Preview

For the second round in a row at Super Series R4, we will be on the Sportivo layout, perhaps good news to the podium from last month, where Sam Hunt scored his first win on the season, while Paulo Franca and Jose da Silva rounded out the top three.

This is the first time since the first couple of seasons of the Super Series we have been on the same track for back to back events, and it will be interesting to see if we have a similar sharp end, or if things will get shuffled around. 

It is more than just the round #4 hardware up for grabs though, as some of the front runners will also have an eye towards the All-Star Race berth up for the the top three in the standings after tomorrow’s event. Specifically, Paulo Franca in second is eligible while Andres Prieto and Sam Hunt sitting 4th and 5th respectively are within striking distance.

Diego Morales and Sean Fite are already in the show, and with the leader Morales has, it looks like there will be only 2 potential names added fron the Super Series…

Still, we are just finishing up the first half of the now 8 round championship, so let’s jump into the points, and see who else is sitting at the sharp end of their respective standings…