CalSpeed Super Series 2020 Round 3 Preview

The last time the Super Series drivers hit the track was back in February, and it was Andres Prieto scoring his second career win, making it a south american sweep of the day with Paulo Franca nabbing the IronMan win as well. Joining Prieto on the podium last round would be TJ Blackledge and reigning champ Sean Fite, the latter also going 2 for 2 on podiums for the day.

Fast forward to this weekend; it almost feels like a reset button on the season, but the reality is that we have two events in the books, and a little different look at the championship make up. With the season shortened by two events, and now only a single drop, the need to be mistake free and make the most of every event is even more apparent.

Heading into the weekend it looks like that message is heard loud and clear, as nearly every driver in the top 5 per category, including 29 of the top 35 in points are in attendance.

And let’s not forget that things will be looking a little different upon arrival, so be sure to check out for all of the safety protocols ahead of time.

In this preview we’ll take a closer look at each one of these categories, and reset the stage for what will now begin the rest of the championship battle, starting with the overall championship…