CalSpeed Sprint Series 2021 Round 5 Preview

We reach the 5th round of the Sprint Series championship here in the month of May, the first of two events this month heading in the counter-clockwise direction. For Saturday, we’ll take to the Tecnico layout, arguably the busiest track on the calendar, and one that rewards drivers with great vision, and a steady left foot. 

Looking back to last month and the driver that graces our preview pic, and it is Evan Lawrence, who has claimed both the overall and the Winter Series sub-championship point leads. He was joined on the podium last month by CalSpeed vet Jeremy Aldridge, as well as Leo Ovtcharov, who made it 2 podiums in a row after a maiden win in round #3.

We have 5 drivers still mathematically in the hunt for the Winter Series sub-championship, with the standings sorted with 3 kept and 1 dropped, with tomorrow’s round #5 being the decider…