CalSpeed Sprint Series 2021 Round 3 Preview

It has been six weeks since the Sprint Series took to the track back in January, but even though it is March, drivers will be welcomed by chilly temps as they take to the Sportivo layout for the only time this season.

Gracing the event photo is Round #2 victor Michael Martin, who was able to claim his first career win in the series, joined by first timers on the podium Albert Yeh in 2nd and Carl Zhu in third.

Two rounds down and 8 to go, and in today’s preview we have our top drivers sorted by total points so far, but we’ll also be diving a little deeper into how their first two events went, plus how they did the last time we were on Sportivo.

Next month we’ll break it down after 1 drop, but for now, let’s dive into the track preview, and then who has been strong over the first two events…