CalSpeed Sprint Series 2021 Round 1 Preview

Welcome to 2021 for the CalSpeed Sprint Series!

We started these video previews in 2019, and now with two seasons under our belt, we have a little history to fall back on, both in terms of who did well in the past, but also what to expect on each of our 7 different track configurations… well, eight if you count Nuotivo.

Heading into last year the top 8 of the top 10 in the standings had moved on to the Super Series, and just 16 of the top 35 were at round #1, but here in 2021, we see 32 of the top 35 eligible drivers slated to return to the championship. Only the podium has moved on, although the reigning champ Diego Alvarado will be making one of his 2 possible starts this weekend, a perfect test for the status quo.

Tons to cover for the 2021 Championship Preview, so lets jump right into it…