CalSpeed Sprint Series 2020 Round 7 Preview

It is back to back weekends for the Sprint Series drivers, fresh off their make-up weekend round #6 last weekend, where it was Matthew McCoy taking the checkers P2, but promoted to P1 after penalties. Nathaniel Small scored his first career podium after the dust settled in a crazy final corner, while John Rice scored his second of the year with a P3 at the line.

After almost 3 months of forward direction racing with Sportivo, Classico and finally Grande, things head back the other way for the penultimate round of the championship this weekend on Classico CCW.

Of course, it being the second to last event, all eyes are on the championship; we’ll dive into that more in today’s preview, but first let’s take a look at the track our drivers will be tackling, as well as take a look back at how things went the last time we were on this track, at the season opener in January…