CalSpeed Karting – 2022 Event Calendar Released

CalSpeed Karting is happy to release the full event schedule for the 2022 racing season at the Fontana, CA based facility, located just outside Turn 4 of the Auto Club Speedway. For the 17th year, CalSpeed again is home to karting in Southern California, not only hosting both local and regional karting championships for kart owners, but also puts on the largest Arrive and Drive championships in the world as well.

For 2022, local clubs Tri-C Karters and Los Angeles Karting Championship again claim CalSpeed as their home, while the Superkarts!USA ProKart Challenge and California ROK Championships will also bring their regional programs to the track.

All three of CalSpeed’s arrive and drive championships see full schedules on the docket as well, with the Super Series, IronMan Series, and Sprint Series all seeing 10 round championships set to run from January through October. Adding to that is the and longest running karting endurance race in North America, the 15th Annual Machismo 12 Hour, which returns to its usual spot on the calendar in December after a stint in November this year.

The full event calendar can be found below, but is also available for download via PDF; in the coming weeks, the entire schedule will be updated on the google calendar on the website as well.

Looking forward to another great year!

Sprint Series / Clinic / TinMan

Round #1        Jan 8                Sportivo

Round #2        Jan 29              Grande

Round #3        Mar 12            Grande CCW

Round #4        Apr 2               Classico CCW

Round #5        Apr 30             Tecnico

Round #6        June 4              Sportivo

Round #7        July 9               Nuotivo

Round #8        Aug 13             Classico

Round #9        Sept 10            Classico CCW

Round #10      Oct 15             Tecnico

Super Series & IronMan Series

Round #1        Jan 22              Sportivo

Round #2        Feb 12             Grande

Round #3        Mar 26            Grande CCW

Round #4        Apr 23             Classico CCW

Round #5        May 14            Tecnico

Round #6        June 11            Sportivo

Round #7        July 23             Nuotivo

Round #8        Aug 14 (Sun)    Classico

Round #9        Sept 17            Classico CCW

Round #10      Oct 29             Tecnico

Los Angeles Karting Championship

Round #1        Feb 6               Grande

Round #2        Mar 6              Grande CCW

Round #3        Apr 10             Classico CCW

Round #4        May 29            Tecnico

Round #5        June 19            Sportivo

Round #6        July 17             Nuovo

Round #7        Aug 21             Classico

Round #8        Sept 25            Classico CCW

Round #9        Oct 23             Tecnico

Tri-C Karters

Round #1        Feb 19             Grande

Round #2        Mar 19            Grande CCW

Round #3        Apr 16             Classico CCW

Round #4        May 7              Tecnico

Round #5        July 2               Sportivo

Round #6        August 6          Nuovo

Round #7        Sept 3              Classico CCW

Round #8        Oct 8               Tecnico

California ROK Championship

Round #1-2     May 20-22       Tecnico

SKUSA ProKart Challenge

Round #3-4     Jun 24-26        Sportivo

Round #6        Oct 1-2            Classico CCW

15th Annual Machismo 12 Hour

December 2-3, 2022