CalSpeed Kart Club Race Report

Photo Credit – Sean Buur
CalSpeed Karting hosted it’s first club race of the 2015 season this past weekend, and while the skies opened up halfway during the heat races, some of the best racing ever seen at the Fontana, CA facility would still be the result. With 18 classes on offer covering everything from kid karts, to TAG, to Pro Shifter, all levels of karting were on hand for the season opener. Taking to the new Tecnico track for the first time, drivers commented that the track’s debut offered a mixture of challenging technical corners, but still had an enjoyable flow to it. When racing began in the afternoon, they also proved you could pass on it, rain or shine.

The day started out dry with morning warm up, followed by qualifying, giving everyone their first real chance to sum up their class competition here in the new year. With just a five-minute session to put down a flying lap, here are the drivers that would walk away with top honors in qualifying, scoring pole position for their respective classes:

Shifter Classes:
Pro- Billy Musgrave
Open- Willy Axton
Semi-Pro- Alejo Fernandez
Masters- Darren Elliott
Grand Masters- Calvin Chen
Novice- KC Cook
Junior- Nicky Hays

Non-Shifter Senior Classes:
Senior TAG- Christian Books
Masters TAG- Tony Rosetti
Senior PRD- Connor Funk
Master PRD- Mike Johnson
Senior Rookie PRD- Miles Calvin

Junior Classes:
Junior 2 PRD- Jordan Turner
Junior 1 PRD- Ryan Schartau
Cadet TAG- Oliver Calvo
Junior 1 Comer- Jace Jones
Junior 1 Comer Rookie- Carson Morgan
Kid Kart Honda- Sheldon Andrews

Heat races began with dry conditions continuing through about half of the program, but when the skies did finally start to let loose, it would be on the unsuspecting Junior 1 PRD competitors. While just a sprinkle, the south part of the track dampened in a hurry, with nearly the entire field spinning upon reaching the newly wet first corner. The next run group would stay on slicks for their heat race, but once on track it began to come down, and the race was called early. Back on the grid, the next run group scrambled to get their tires changed, electing to go to the wet tires after seeing the difficult conditions on course. With heat races setting the grid for the Mains, getting a strong result in during the heat race was important, and while not everyone had to battle tough conditions to do it, the fight to get to the front was fierce all the same.

The Mains would begin in full-wet conditions, with the entirety of the drivers electing for a set of rain tires and adjusted setup. With the long laps and darkness looming, the Mains were cut down to just six, but the action was some of the best ever seen, even with several drivers taking to a wet course for the first time ever.

Photo Credit – Alex Gutierrez

The highlight race of the day would be in Senior TAG, where young Christian Brooks and veteran Matt Johnson would put on an exciting show of rain racing prowess. Exchanging the lead several times in a lap, and for the entirety of the race, both drivers gave respect and sportsmanship while still fighting hard for the win. In the end they would come to the line side by side, with Brooks edging Johnson out for the win in sideways fashion by just .099 sec.

Congratulations to all of the winners Sundays race, and hats off to every driver that battled not only their fellow drivers, but also the tricky conditions; you all put on a great show and did a phenomenal job. Here are your class winners for the Opening Round, along with fastest laps in the Main:

Shifter Classes:
Pro- Billy Musgrave (FL- Billy Musgrave)
Open- Billy Musgrave (FL- Billy Musgrave)
Semi-Pro- Alejo Fernandez (FL- Alejo Fernandez)
Masters- Eric Molinatti (FL- Erik Jackson)
Grand Masters- Sean Bond (FL- Sean Bond)
Novice- Connor Bloum (FL- Connor Bloum)
Junior- Nicky Hays (FL- Nicky Hays)

Non-Shifter Senior Classes:
Senior TAG- Christian Brooks (FL- Christian Brooks)
Masters TAG- Erik Jackson (FL- Erik Jackson)
Senior PRD- Connor Funk (FL- Connor Funk)
Master PRD- Mike Johnson (FL- Bryan Bender)
Senior Rookie PRD- Riley Dugan (FL- Drew Zeller)

Junior Classes:
Junior 2 PRD- Hannah Grisham (FL- Hannah Grisham)
Junior 1 PRD- Ryan Schartau (FL- Ryan Schartau)
Cadet TAG- Oliver Calvo (FL- Dominic Gorden)
Junior 1 Comer- Oliver Calvo (FL- Dominic Gorden)
Junior 1 Comer Rookie- Cooper Hicks (FL- Carson Morgan)
Kid Kart Honda- Zachary Martinez (FL- Sheldon Andrews)

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the first race of the season! Stay tuned for more information regarding future plans on club racing at the CalSpeed Kart Track!

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