CalSpeed IronMan Series 2021 Round 2 Preview

Last month saw the 2021 season kick off in the clockwise direction for the first time in a few years, and drivers were greeted with very windy conditions that made pit strategy -and having a drafting partner- paramount.

In the end it would be Michael Hazlewood coming out on top, while pole sitter for the series’ lone qualy session of the year, Andres Prieto claimed second, holding off Alyssa Yauney who settled for 3rd.

For round #2 the IronMan Series returns to the Grande clockwise layout, last used for round #3 back in 2019. Like Nuotivo from the opener, Grande is a fast course, and having a drafting partner is important. That said, while wind is not in the forecast, it is still the longest course on the schedule with the longest straights and most drafting opportunity. 

Before we get into the entry list and starting order, we’ll take a closer look at the Grande layout, and cap things off with a look at our current top ten in the standings, as well as a wildcard driver that could make some noise from the back…

So, without further adieu, let’s jump right into it…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Tyler Redman
  2. Diego Morales
  3. Sam Hunt
  4. Sheng Wu
  5. Max Demoss
  6. Seth Willits
  7. Carl Zhu
  8. John Rice
  9. Ayrton Demoss
  10. Sean Fite
  11. Evan Karp
  12. Evan Lawrence
  13. Diego Alvardo
  14. Ariel Rubio
  15. Paulo Franca
  16. Alyssa Yauney
  17. Andres Prieto
  18. Michael Hazlewood
  19. Dmitry Korotkov
  20. Jose da Silva
  21. Christian Fox
  22. Kiron Chakraborty
  23. Celso Pierre
  24. Chris Carter
  25. Bryan Armbrust
  26. Bill Kreig
  27. Adrian Comstock
  28. Jacob Reis
  29. James Lieser
  30. Chris Millar