CalSpeed IronMan Series 2021 Round 1 Preview

It seems like just yesterday we were taking to the track for the Machismo 12 hour, and now some of CalSpeed’s best endurance drivers are back to take on the season-long battle for endurance supremacy: The IronMan Series.

2021 sees very little change in terms of the rules package; still 10 events, split 8/2 in 1 hour and 2-hour contests respectively, culminating in 10 hours behind the wheel -12 if the 2 hour is a solo attempt- no fewer than 26 trips down pit lane, and a whole lot of racing in between. 

What is new this year is the experience requirement to enter, as the new licensing system in place requires drivers to have a solid foundation of racing experience at CalSpeed before being able to enter. Because of that, the depth of the championship is certainly improved from last year towards the back third of the field, but in fact, the pointy end is just as sharp as before.

In the first preview of the year, we’ll take a look at the the host configuration for the season opener -Nuotivo- take a closer look at our entry list, as well as put a spotlight on our top 10 returning drivers from last year. 

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into it…

Qualifying Group 1

  1. Alyssa Yauney
  2. Andres Prieto
  3. Ayrton Demoss
  4. Cameron Rose
  5. Carl Zhu
  6. Chase Nickells
  7. David Kelmenson
  8. Dmitry Korotkov
  9. Doug Yauney
  10. John Rice
  11. Matt Steele
  12. Max Demoss
  13. Michael Hazlewood
  14. Sam Hunt
  15. Sheng Wu

Qualifying Group 2

  1. Ariel Rubio
  2. Celso Pierre
  3. Chris Carter
  4. Chris Fox
  5. Diego Alvarado
  6. Diego Morales
  7. Evan Karp
  8. Evan Lawrence
  9. Jose da Silva
  10. Kiron Chakraborty
  11. Michael Floerchinger
  12. Paulo Franca
  13. Sean Fite
  14. Seth Willits
  15. Tyler Redman