CalSpeed IronMan Series 2020 Round 5 Preview

Points are incredibly close, with just 19 separating the top 5 in the standings here at the halfway point. Ayrton DeMoss holds down the top spot via a solid run the first three rounds, while Sean Fite has nearly echoed that in 2nd. Michael Hazlewood jumped up to 3rd in the standings after his first career win last month too and graces the event photo for the weekend.

Completing that podium for last month was Alyssa Yauney -who has gone 2 for 2 on so far, with Scott Milne finding the box  for the second time in hios career as well.

Looking back on this event last year, and it was Jose da Silva claiming the victory… joined by Michael Hazlewood and Andres Prieto… a place that can be just as tough on the endurance side, as it is when sprint racing.

For a look around the joint, lets kick this preview off right now with a closer look at the Classico layout…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Celso Pierre
  2. Tyler Redman
  3. Pietro Moro
  4. Ayrton Demoss
  5. Max Demoss
  6. Seth Willits
  7. Patrick Britain
  8. Jose da Silva
  9. Diego Morales
  10. Doug Yauney
  11. Sean Fite
  12. Alyssa Yauney
  13. Michael Hazlewood
  14. Sheng Wu
  15. Dmitry Korotkov
  16. Tom Stone
  17. Mark Sternberg
  18. Andrew Wood
  19. Doug Frazier
  20. Chris Carter
  21. Paulo Franca
  22. John Rice
  23. Devins Baker
  24. Chase Nickells
  25. Ariel Rubio
  26. Raffaele Pazzaglia
  27. Diego Alvarado
  28. Ivan Martinez
  29. Jeremy Aldridge
  30. Evan Karp