CalSpeed IronMan Series 2019 Round 9 Preview

For this month at the CalSpeed IronMan Series, we’ll be on the Classico Counter-Clockwise course, which was actually the first of the new layouts to be used earlier this year and is the first of the repeat courses on the schedule. This time, however, we’ll be doing it for two hours, so we could see a little different look in how it races. After taking another look at the track, we’ll delve into the overall championship standings and how things could get wrapped up a little early, before then dissecting the Summer Series standings, and all the different things we should watch for tomorrow.

But first things first; let’s look at our second time hitting Classico CCW in 2019…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Doug Yauney/James Lieser
  2. Randy McKee
  3. Luis Calderon
  4. Diego Morales/Bill Kreig
  5. Sam Hunt/Evan Karp
  6. Alexander Bermudez
  7. TJ Blackledge
  8. Matt Steele/Bryan Schubert
  9. Chris Carter
  10. Max DeMoss/Ayrton DeMoss
  11. Alyssa Yauney
  12. Sean Fite
  13. Chris Huerta
  14. Andres Prieto/Ariel Rubio
  15. Michael Hazlewood
  16. Jose Silva/Paulo Franca
  17. Tyler Redman/John Rice
  18. Evan Lawrence
  19. Tom Zevin/John Hennessey
  20. Pietro Moro/Celso Pierre
  21. Michael Floerchinger
  22. Michael Palac
  23. Adrian Comstock
  24. Brad Harvey/Joe Sabella
  25. Sheng Wu