CalSpeed IronMan Series 2019 Round 7 Preview

For this month we’ll be on the Nuotivo course, a modified version of the old Nuovo layout that keeps the rpms to a dull roar down the back straight. We’ll also get into the specifics for our first 2-Hour IronMan of the race this year, while of course also looking at how the overall title fight is shaping up.

Last round was the start of the Summer Series sub-championship, so we’ll take a closer look at what those points look like after the first round, as well as break some news that could affect the outcome of that championship.

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Randy McKee/Michael Hazlewood
  2. Ayrton Demoss/Doug Yauney
  3. Luis Calderon
  4. Max Demoss/Spencer Russell
  5. Bill Kreig/Eric Monteith
  6. Chris Carter
  7. Ariel Rubio
  8. Chris Huerta
  9. Alyssa Yauney
  10. Sean Fite
  11. Sam Hunt
  12. Tyler Redman/Seth Willits
  13. Paulo Franca/Jose da Silva
  14. Tom Zevin/Michael Floerchinger
  15. Jason Andersen
  16. Craig Booth
  17. Michael Palac
  18. Oleg Glushkov
  19. Steve Spring
  20. Mike Gonzales/James Lieser
  21. TJ Blackledge/Taylor Hays