CalSpeed IronMan Series 2019 Round 10 Preview

For the IronMan Round 10 season finale tomorrow we’ll be taking to the Tecnico layout for the second time, the second repeat circuit of the season, the first being round #5 in May. In today’s preview, we’ll take a closer look at the Tecnico track we’ll be taking too, as well as take one last look at how the points stack up before the Finale.

Last month, would see the second 2-hour IronMan of the year, but a first-time winner, as Luis Calderon sealed the deal on a long-elusive victory. Joining him on the box was Alyssa Yauney in second, with the Brazilian duo of Paulo Franca and Jose da Silva occupying the third step of the podium. Ironically, the latter three now all find themselves within a single point for the Summer sub-championship…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Alexander Bermudez
  2. Bill Kreig
  3. Celso Pierre
  4. Pietro Moro
  5. Evan Lawrence
  6. Tom Zevin
  7. John Hennessey
  8. Tyler Redman
  9. Michael Hazlewood
  10. Chris Carter
  11. Sean Fite
  12. Ayrton DeMoss
  13. Max DeMoss
  14. Chris Huerta
  15. Ariel Rubio
  16. Sam Hunt
  17. Doug Yauney
  18. Jose da Silva
  19. Paulo Franca
  20. Alyssa Yauney
  21. Luis Calderon
  22. Michael Floerchinger
  23. Sheng Wu
  24. Ibrahim Abouhashish
  25. Ian Williams
  26. Jerry Ma
  27. Andrew Wood
  28. Lee Nguyen
  29. Juan Ricart
  30. Chris Johnson