CalSpeed IronMan 2020 Round 3 Preview

We’re back! It has been 4 months since the IronMan Series took to the twists and turns of CalSpeed, and with the re-opening only happening one week ago, this will be the very first racing event since the Sprint Series on March 7th,  just before the shutdown took effect. The last time the checkered flew for the IronMan drivers, it was Paulo Franca scoring the W, joined by Michael Hazlewood and Sean Fite on the podium.

It is also the return of the forward direction at CalSpeed, with the Sportivo layout in place for the first time in over a year; with the last time we were heading in the clockwise direction being August last year for the Classico Grand Prix Weekend.

This is almost going to feel like a season opener, but the reality is that there are two events already in the books. And a key thing to point out, is the fact a few things have changed in the schedule: It is now an 8 round championship instead of 10, and only 1 drop instead of 2. Further, while this was originally scheduled to be a 2-Hour, that has been scrapped, and instead there is only one 2-hour race on the calendar, which is the penultimate round in september.

And remember, there are plenty of new procedures and protocols in place, so be sure to familiarize yourself with at this link here, and other media channels.

Things may look and feel a little different with all the new protocols and procedures at the track, but once the visor goes down, it is going to be all the same. All the more reason to dive into our first preview back, and we have plenty to cover…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Pietro Moro
  2. Tom Zevin
  3. Spencer Russell
  4. John Rice
  5. Matt Steele
  6. Tyler Redman
  7. Bill Kreig
  8. Jose da Silva
  9. Chris Huerta
  10. Diego Morales
  11. Max Demoss
  12. Ayrton Demoss
  13. TJ Blackledge
  14. Ariel Rubio
  15. Andres Prieto
  16. Sean Fite
  17. Michael Hazlewood
  18. Paulo Franca
  19. Sheng Wu
  20. Celso Pierre
  21. Carl Zhu
  22. Brock Newcomer
  23. Alyssa Yauney
  24. Patrick Britain
  25. Cameron Rose
  26. Evan Karp
  27. Lukas Dziemidok
  28. Brian Farley
  29. Matt Ludwig
  30. Kiron Chakraborty