CalSpeed IronMan 2020 Round 2 Preview

This weekend is indeed Round 2 of the 2020 IronMan season, but is the first event with the inverted start; taking last month’s finishing order of lead-lap drivers and the first driver 1 lap down, and flipping it around for the starting order. Everyone else from round one slots in after, followed by drivers that did not run last month in order of sign up.

The talent and experience packed into the 30-driver field at the opener was stout, and round #2 is no different; and they’ll all be taking to the longest and fastest of the counterclockwise layouts, Grande.

Let’s kick off the preview here with a closer look at this driver favorite…

Provisional Starting Grid

  1. Scott Milne
  2. Chris Carter
  3. Celso Pierre
  4. Ariel Rubio
  5. Dmitry Korotkov
  6. Tyler Redman
  7. Michael Hazlewood
  8. Doug Yauney
  9. Paulo Franca
  10. Diego Morales
  11. Pietro Moro
  12. Spencer Russell
  13. Jose da Silva
  14. Andres Prieto
  15. John Rice
  16. Ayrton Demoss
  17. Sean Fite
  18. Chris Huerta
  19. Michael Floerchinger
  20. TJ Blackledge
  21. Matt Steele
  22. Max Demoss
  23. Evan Lawrence
  24. Tom Zevin
  25. John Hennessey
  26. Sheng Wu
  27. Denis Shakhovskii
  28. Seth Willits
  29. Joey Andrews
  30. Bill Kreig