2018 Champ Hunt Steals Away the Win; Redman Leads Sprint Series Championship

We entered the Sprint Series Round 4 with the Sportivo configuration providing a fresh challenge to drivers. It being the 4th installment of 5 for the Winter Subchampionship, the conclusion would prove to make things very interesting for the overall and the Winter contest. Some may say that the winner of this round wasn’t really a big surprise, but the championship has a giant question mark on it…


We’d see the best qualifying times come out of the third group, as is par for the course. It would be no surprise here as we’d see familiar face Pietro Moro score his second pole position after getting his first one last round.

Quali Results

1)Pietro Moro1:03.162
2)Samuel Hunt [2R]1:03.174
3)Chase Nickells1:03.233
4)Donnie Clarke1:03.238
5)Jacob Abrams1:03.368

Heat 1A

Putting on yet another great performance, Moro gripped the lead firmly from the get-go of heat 1A, leaving the rest of the pack in the dust. Fellow driver Evan Lawrence looked to be best of the rest for the majority of the race but would be dispatched at the end by a hard-charging Daniel Plante who had started 8th. By the end of the race, Moro crossed first followed by Plante and Lawrence.

Heat 1A Results

1)Pietro Moro
2)Daniel Plante
3)Evan Lawrence
4)Michael Floerchinger
5)Sheng Wu

Heat 1B

Heat 1B began with Jacob Abrams at the helm with Sam Hunt in tow. Meanwhile, 4th place starter Tyler Redman was gunning for the lead, making very quick inroads towards Abrams, taking the lead for himself by lap 3. Abrams and Hunt slotted right behind for the rest of the race and the two would take to dueling with only a few laps to go. Redman would cross for the win as Hunt followed with a freshly earned 2nd over Abrams.

Heat 1B Results

1)Tyler Redman
2)Samuel Hunt [2R]
3)Jacob Abrams
4)Max Demoss
5)Juan Avina

Heat 1C

At the green, it was Ronnie Swaim Jr with a strong start, ousting Nickells from the pole. With some exchanges in the front pack, a penalty from gain off contact benefited Nickells and Frank Hsu, who took over 2nd and 3rd honors, closing in on Swaim. With the front two holding nose-to-tail, there was no telling who would come out on top. The checkered would fly with Swaim keeping the door shut from any passes and Nickells 2nd, Hsu 3rd.

Heat 1C Results

1)Ronnie Swaim Jr
2)Chase Nickells
3)Frank Hsu
4)Ivan Martinez
5)Robert Hernandez


The C-Main sees very frequent anything-goes strategy at play once things get rolling. As such, the starting grid was not at all maintained once the race got underway. After taking advantage of the green flag skirmish, the two drivers who created distance from the beehive were Mark Gomez and Blayke Phillips, having moved up immediately in the early laps. There would be a brief exchange between the two about 3 laps in and Phillips would hold on to the lead until the very end, scoring the transfer to the B.

C-Main Results

1)Blayke Phillips
2)Mark Gomez
3)Matthew Justmann
4)Evan Talley
5)Scott Welch


It was good clean racing between the top three of Matthew McCoy, Devins Baker, and Lee Nguyen once the B-Main began. It was three’s company for the entirety of the race as they kept in line, never changing order with each cross at the start/finish. Things weren’t all easy cruising for the leader though– McCoy with an unfortunate DQ from being light at the scales left Baker with the B-Main win.

B-Main Results

1)Devins Baker
2)Lee Nguyen
3)Mike Carlson
4)Celso Pierre
5)James Suggs


2R driver Hunt had the lead at the A-Main’s green flag but was overtaken by Swaim at the next time by. About halfway through, his grip waivered and it was just enough for 3 drivers to sneak on by. Hunt and Redman jostled over the top spot for a spell until the former settled quietly behind Redman, 3 laps left in the race, with Swaim meanwhile regaining composure as third in line. At the white flag, Hunt had to fight for it at the end, making a final corner pass on Redman for the #1 in Round 4.

As we begin to approach the final round of the Winter Sub-championship, the big question is how overall points leader Redman and sub-champ leader Swaim will come out of the fray. We’ve seen a different winner every single round thus far in 2019, two of which who aren’t even playing the long game as 2R drivers. The spread across the top 6 in points leaves many possibilities wide open for the rest of the season…

A-Main Top 10 Results

1)Samuel Hunt [2R]
2)Tyler Redman
3)Ronnie Swaim Jr
4)Chase Nickells
5)Ivan Martinez
6)Seth Willits
7)Max Demoss
8)Jacob Abrams
9)Donnie Clarke
10)Pietro Moro

Sprint 2019 Winter Subchamp Standings

1)Ronnie Swaim Jr855(230)
2)Tyler Redman843(195)
3)Pietro Moro833(205)
4)Chase Nickells817(249)
5)Randy McKee816(217)

Sprint 2019 Overall Current Standings

1)Tyler Redman590(253)
2)Ronnie Swaim Jr580(275)
3)Pietro Moro570(263)
4)Chase Nickells565(252)
5)Randy McKee560(256)