2014 Sprint Series Exhibition


The beginning of a new series; a time of anticipation, excitement, nervousness and hope. A driver entering the brand new Sprint Series will be filled with all of these emotions and more.

The Sprint Series’ goal will be to bring together a unique mix of drivers into the fold, some from the Super Series who maybe haven’t had all of the success to this point that they have hoped for, and others who perhaps have never raced at CalSpeed competitively, and have no idea what to expect. Regardless of experience, all will have a pretty simple goal, and that is to move up the order and establish an expectation of wins, podiums, and top tens for themselves before they head to the Super Series. And while this exhibition event will take all comers regardless of experience or skill, these guidelines will make the foundation of this series in 2015.

The Sprint Series Exhibition on October 25th will see this foundation set in place, as an already strong mix of drivers have entered. Taking to the original CalSpeed layout of Classico as well, is an exercise in developing this new series’ roots in the CalSpeed family tree, with things shaping up to be a really fun event. In this preview we’ll take a little closer look at the format specifics as well as what to expect from the series moving forward. Registration is already open, so be sure to add your name to the list!

What To Expect

More than just a truncated version of the Super Series, the Sprint Series aims at being a developmental series, and one that requires just as much drive and dedication to win, as it’s bigger brother. The difference is that it happens in a quicker format, featuring a combined practice/qualifying session, and a single heat race before entering into the main. This quick-fire format combined with experience restrictions for 2015, and we’ll have a new exciting wrung on the CalSpeed Sport Karting ladder.

The Practice/Qualifying session will work much like the IronMan Series from this year did, where drivers will get a ten minute session that will not only give them a chance to sort out track configuration for that event, but to also set the grid for the eight lap heat race. Like the Super Series, all races will launch from a standing start, with the finishing position in the heat race determining the starting position for the Main, and which Main you will be in. In the case of multiple run groups, the ten lap B-Main will take to the track, the bottom half finishers from the heat races battling for the single transfer spot into the A-Main. Then the ten lap A-Main hits the track from a standing start, with the top three enjoying the podium at the end of the day.

The Sprint Series is the perfect way to not only get introduced to how racing at CalSpeed works, but also will be a breeding ground for improved talent that makes its way into the Super Series as well. And the best thing about the new Sprint Series is we have no idea what to expect! It would be easy to rank the entered drivers in order of how they run in the Super Series or Ironman, and while that might give us a decent idea of what to expect, it doesn’t paint the whole picture.

Luckily, races aren’t run on paper. The change of format could be a great chance for some dark horses to get towards the front, and this event will be an exciting one from not only the driver’s perspective, but also for those watching from the sidelines. We could see a champion in the making that day, or at the very least, a group of drivers that will enter the 2015 season with a lot of momentum, and a jump start on the championship. But the most important thing for all of the drivers will be working towards personal improvement. Whether the improvement is aimed at running further forward in the Super Series or IronMan Series, or becoming a race winner or even champion in next year’s Sprint Series, each driver will now have an even better opportunity to achieve their goals.

Regardless of who ends up on top at the end of the day on October 25th, the most exciting part of the Sprint Series will be the new faces in the field, and the anticipation of what this exciting new series will bring in 2015.