2014 Machismo 12 Hour Announcement

2014 machismo 12 hour logo

CalSpeed Karting is excited to unveil the details for the 2014 Machismo 12 Hour Team Endurance Kart Race, taking place at the CalSpeed Kart Track on December 12-13, 2014. The biggest news heading into the 7th annual running of the Machismo is the addition of a third race class for the first time in history. The 2014 event will once again be run from morning to night on the driver favorite Machismo Counter Clockwise layout known for its’ combination of technicality and speed.

Following its’ popularity when introduced in 2013, the Machismo will again feature Friday night “Under The Lights” qualifying, which saw dramatic changes in positions right until the final seconds last year. Additionally, with the date change from Fall to Winter, the transition from day to night will occur earlier in the race than previous years, which along with the colder December weather, will yield faster lap times and top speeds.

The traditional Pro and Sport classes will be joined by the brand new “Super Sport” class which is designed to fill the gap between the gentleman driver Sport class and the top tier Pro class.


The Pro class will be a true professional level competition with a truly open ended direction towards team strategies. For the first time, Pro teams will not be required to execute a minimum number of stints or amount of seat time per driver. Instead, Pro teams will randomly select a kart for the race duration and choose when to pit for fuel and driver changes. In addition, the Pro class will feature 2 tire compounds, ala FormulaOne, that each team will manage for maximum speed and longevity.

The Super Sport class structure will be a similar to the Pro Class, with no minimum on driver stints or minimum drive time, while utilizing the Sport Kart chassis. Super Sport teams can swap karts at their discretion, but will be required to swap at each fuel stop. Super Sport is a great option for drivers and teams who want to make all of the strategy choices required in an endurance event, but in equipment they are comfortable with from previous CalSpeed racing experience.


The Sport class will be a true “Gentleman Driver” class for competitors that want to test themselves in an endurance event, while harkening back to the roots of arrive and drive racing in its rules structure. Drivers will simply have to drive as fast as possible and not make any mistakes for 12 hours in order to win.

Complete rules will be available soon for all three classes; below is a breakdown of each classification:

-$1,500 team entry / $400 solo
-Sport kart chassis
-10 team capacity
-Up to 6 drivers per team
-Teams keep same kart for duration
-36 required driver stints
-200lb team average weight
-1 hour minimum drive time
-Live refueling (approx. 2.5 hours of run time)

Super Sport
-$1,800 team entry
-Sport kart chassis
-10 team capacity
-No minimum driver stints / drive time
-200lb individual weight
-Kart swaps at each fuel stop (approx. 1.5 hours of run time)

-$2,500 team entry
-Club kart chassis
-10 team capacity
-No minimum driver stints / drive time
-200lb individual weight
-Live refueling (approx 1.5 hours of run time)
-F1 Style “Option” soft tire (both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ must be used)

The 2014 Machismo 12 hour event is scheduled for December 12-13. A special Machismo clinic utilizing the Sport Kart chassis will be available on that Friday, December 12. Following the clinic, optional practice sessions will be available at discounted rates. Official Machismo activities kick off at 6:00pm with a 1-hour team practice/qualifying session to set the starting grid for the 12-hour race the following day. Pre-race festivities will kick off at 8:00am on Saturday, December 13 with the green flag dropping at 9:30am.

More details and specifics, including event previews, rulebooks and more, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Registration will open at Noon on Tuesday, August 12th at https://calspeedkarting.com/online-reservations.html

Questions can be sent to info@calspeedkarting.com