12 Til 12: Memorable Moments in Machismo History

“Le Mans. Daytona. Sebring. To the average onlooker, these are simply motor racing events. To those most intimate with their nuances, they transcend time and evoke a passion bordering on obsession…”

Today we begin the 12 Til 12: the countdown to the 2016 Machismo 12 Hour Endurance Race. The history of this race has given rise to memorable moments seething with the excitement and raw emotion that are inherent to the world of endurance racing. For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be taking a look at these incredible stories and reminiscing on the epic feel surrounding them.

For this week, we’ll start off with a rather extended moment from the 2014 Machismo… With a record breaking 34 teams on the roster, the weather decided to take a turn for the worst, leaving Friday’s practice completely rained out and some teams having never seen this track configuration before. The race itself went on as scheduled the following morning; needless to say the still drying conditions during the start would bring a serious struggle to many teams that year. You can find Sean Buur’s time lapse of the entire weekend and see just what it was like before and after the downpour, all packed into 3 and a half minutes…

With the Pro Class already halfway sold out as of this writing, be sure to sign up soon. Don’t beat around the bush– there aren’t very many spots available so get on it asap!