Sprint Series

2017 sprint cover

Going into its third season, the Sprint Series is the perfect event for drivers that want to experience the wheel to wheel action of the Super Series, but in a half day format. All 90 drivers will get on track for one of two warmup sessions which will set the order for the heat races. The heats and mains will each feature up to 30 karts on track at a time, giving drivers the perfect opportunity to get valuable racing seat time against the toughest mix of competitors ranging from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

2017 Sprint Series Current Standings

For the complete 2017 standings, click here.

PosDriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10WDWSTWTR TotalSDSSTSMR TotalDropSub TotalTotal
1Thomas Blackledge30030027029527011658952701165895
2Don Diego Veloria26027028529526011108502601110850
3Andrew Brown29028526708428420842842
4Caden Thure29524325027524310638202431063820
5Diego Alvarado27527527008208200820820
6Randy McKee25626725128025110548032511054803
7Seth Willits207259285238207989782207989782
8Dmitry Korotkov205295175275175950775175950775
9Michael Floerchinger23227227007747740774774
10Vladimir Orlov26423722607277270727727