Sprint Series

2017 sprint cover

Going into its third season, the Sprint Series is the perfect event for drivers that want to experience the wheel to wheel action of the Super Series, but in a half day format. All 90 drivers will get on track for one of two warmup sessions which will set the order for the heat races. The heats and mains will each feature up to 30 karts on track at a time, giving drivers the perfect opportunity to get valuable racing seat time against the toughest mix of competitors ranging from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

2017 Sprint Series Current Standings

For the complete 2017 standings, click here.

PosDriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10WDWSTWTR TotalSDSSTSMR TotalDrop 1Drop 2Sub TotalTotal
1Thomas Blackledge3003002702952952752902952701460119027586058527027523201775
2Don Diego Veloria2602702852952802232672672601390113022375753426022321471664
3Caden Thure2952432502752522162333002431315107221674953323321620641615
4Randy McKee2562672512802353002632452351289105424580856323525120971611
5Tyler Rousseau1770212198275285275280275840565017717021525
6Kevin Erikson11821117224523125328525925379754411817217741484
7Seth Willits20725928523816202950162115198902952950014461446
8Samuel Hunt12815423119226422424624422471449012815416831401
9Diego Alvarado2752752702900242001110111002422420013521352
10Spencer Russell15322625423818222919720529763143415318216841349